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SEED Celebrated Its 25th Anniversary Honoring 8 Ethiopians

Society of Ethiopians Established in Diaspora (SEED) which was incorporated as a Not-for-profit organization since October 17, 1993 hosted its 25th anniversary on May 29 honoring scores of Ethiopians from different arenas. During its 25th anniversary celebration Mr. Mahmoud Ahmed, Mr. Tewodros Kassahun – Teddy Afro, Mr. Ted Alemayehu, Dr. Zaki Sherif, Chancellor Lemn Sisay, Abba Kefyalew Abera, and Dr. Ambachew Woreta. Also the award honored 5 students who were remarkable in their academic achievement.

  • Mohammud Ahmed SEED honors Mr. Ahmed an eminent musician and legendary singer who has endeared himself to the Ethiopian Community through his memorable songs and meaningful lyrics; in appreciation of the (5) decades of songs of romance, harmony, patriotism and love that have made us cry, laugh and think deeply about life; in honor of his songs that helped connect three generations of Ethiopians, young and old alike to respect, preserve and honor their culture history and tradition; in acknowledgement of his tireless work-ethic that propelled you from the modest childhood to being recognized as the most famous singer of Ethiopia’s “golden era” and as exemplary role model and mentor to so many young artists.
  • Tedros Kassahun SEED honors Mr. Kassahun as an accomplished and distinguished singer and songwriter who has endeared himself to the Global Ethiopian Community in general and to the Diaspora Ethiopians in particular, in appreciation of his tireless efforts to preserving our history and culture through his thoughtful and meaningful musical composition and lyrics that make us feel proud as Ethiopians and inspire the new generation of Ethiopians around the world, in acknowledgement of his inspiring humanitarian support to the less fortunate among us and in recognition his talent as a rising star that is loved and admired by countless Ethiopians.
  • Ted Alemayehu SEED honors​ Mr. Alemayehu​, the Founder and Chairman of U.S Doctors for Africa (USDFA), which works to provide access to medical and healthcare in Africa through the spirit of volunteerism, as a visionary humanitarian who dreamt and achieved resources for the betterment of others, as a respected leader and role model to the Diaspora Ethiopians and African communities in general, in appreciation of the visionary, rich and positive contributions he has made by facilitating a better and healthier life to a number of Africans, for his inspiring academic excellence and community services.
  • Dr. Zaki Sherif SEED honors ​Dr. Sherif ​as a distinguished scholar,venerated teacher and mentor to so many medical professionals and others around the globe, in appreciation of his leadership and service in Badr and First Hijrah Foundation in the Ethiopian community and his dedication to preserving interfaith harmony and peace-making, in acknowledgement of the rich and positive contributions he has in our community, in recognition of his inspiring and exceptional academic excellence as one who joined the University of Alabama at age 14 and subsequently went on to graduate from prestigious graduate universities and became a successful scientist, admired and respected by his peers and the Ethiopians in the Diaspora.
  • Lemin Sissay SEED honors ​Mr. Sissay as an extra ordinary “child of the state” who has endeared himself to the world community at large and to Ethiopians in in the Diaspora in particular; as a distinguished poet, playwright and author whose work has inspired our collective conscience to stand for social justice and the rights of children under care; as an outstanding leader and Chancellor of the University of Manchester and distinguished member of the order of the British Empire (MBE); as exemplary role model to be emulated by the countless foster kids of hope all around the world; in recognition of his tireless advocacy for safety of children in foster care, and demonstrated love of country.
  • Abba Abera SEED honors ​Abba Abera a founder & successful leader of Sewasewe Genet Charity and Development Organization (SGCDO), In recognition of his selfless deportment as role model who has endeared himself to the diaspora community and in Debre Libanos-Ethiopia in particular;as inspiring and self-less humanitarian who has made significant and positive difference in the lives of hundreds of men, women and children in Ethiopia, in appreciation of his efforts to help the elderly, the homeless, and the mentally challenged, for his demonstrated love for Ethiopia and Ethiopians and for all of your distinctive and positive attributes.
  • Dr. Ambachew Woreta SEED honors Dr. Woreta as a distinguished physician and humanitarian who unceasingly spends his time, talent and resources for the betterment of others, as a respected leader and role model to the Diaspora Ethiopians in showing love and care for others, in appreciation of the rich and positive contributions he has made by exemplifying the highest ideals and standards of our community and for his support and advocacy of human rights, peace, democracy and freedom for our homeland, in recognition of his inspiring academic excellence, for his selfless deportment in his community services and demonstrated love of country.

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