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SWIFT MEDIA Addis Abeba:Media At Your Fingertips

Swift media presents a media kiosk with digital contents, like movies, E-books, Tv-shows, music, software, kids contents and more to digitally access it through flash players.

The device is self-service just like an ATM machine except with more displays and is more user-friendly, with less bias to deal with so that anyone could use it easily and if any help is needed there are people to assist at every spot it is stationed. To add up to that the user can search or look through the contents based on year of release or casts, Can digitally choose movies, watch trailers and read synopsis as well as see the ratings, which makes it different from other movie/ video stations in offices.

This media kiosk has three packages that come in 25, 50 and 100 birr, so the user chooses whichever is convenient and buy the package, after that the machine cuts off from that account every time the user buys an item. The price set for each is fair in accordance to the service it gives. Just to give a high light of the price tagged to each, feature movies like 365 days are in the range from 3-5 birr depending on the movie release date, the older the movie, the costlier it gets and same goes for documentaries for 5 birr. But for single song it is 1birr same as for series movies per episode.

The best thing about the device is that it’s easily accessible as mentioned above and the innovators plan to extend the reachability to 10 more kiosks until the end of September. Few are now available at four place located at Bole Birhane adere building, Megenagna Metebaber building , 22 Golagol and allmart around Gerji.

For the time being the contents available are all foreign and plan to include local contents as well in the near feature.

About the innovators;

It all started through the circle of friends kirubel Getachew, Simon Gebrue and Zaid Abdulkader. They encounter problem of choosing movies ,so they created a means of overcoming that through a system they created having a server at home to allow them to go through contents, like in condominiums it allows the users to choose from their televisions without flash but through networking just like internet houses, but to have the network for the whole building wasn’t simple both financially and also connection wise. So they had to use a central server. The team of friends with network, software and hardware engineering backgrounds in time came up with this media kiosk putting their different areas to a same ground.

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