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Meet Timnit Gebru Of Ethiopia, One Of The Incredible Women Advancing A.I. Research

by addisinsight

Forbes listed about 10 women who are performing in excellence within their area of expertise. Amongst these incredible women is Timnit Gebru from Ethiopia.

As a teenager, Timnit Gebru left Ethiopia for the United States. She thrived in her new country, where she enrolled at Stanford University for a bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD in Electrical Engineering, landed a prestigious engineering job at Apple, and co-founded a startup. Studying computer vision under Dr. Fei-Fei Li, Gebru authored several notable papers in her research area of mining large scale datasets for sociological insights. Her recent work using machine learning methods to extrapolate census data from Google Street View images was lauded by The Economist.

Gebru actively works to boost diversity and inclusion in the field of AI. After noticing she was the only black woman at a major AI conference, she co-founded the social community Black In AI to drive connection and participation in AI research. Gebru also returned to Ethiopia to co-teach AddisCoder, a programming bootcamp, to a diverse range of young students and help them win admission to Ivy League universities.

Since AI affects all aspects of society, even being used to manipulate elections and identify criminals, Gebru cautions that “AI researchers should not be silent regarding the repercussions of their work.” Only when technology creators tend to inclusion will the exponential benefits of artificial intelligence positively impact all.

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