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Ethiopia’s New Generation Fighting Adwa Battle This Time On Their Mobile App

by addisinsight

120 Years after Adwa victory Ethiopians still have the means to show their bravery against colonialism but this time it will be a war on their smart phone portraying as Menelik and fighting back the Italians.

Addis Insight would like to introduce you to a new Ethiopian app called Adwa.Adwa is a game Amharic Ethiopian Game made from the story of Ethiopians (Habesha) in amharic.
In March, 1896, Ethiopian forces under the leadership of Emperor Menelik II surprised the world by defeating an Italian Army sent to conquer the Empire. In the following article Raymond Jonas, the Giovanni and Amne Costigan Professor of History at the University of Washington, explores that victory at Adwa. His article is drawn from his recent book, The Battle of Adwa: African Victory in the Age of Empire.

The battle of Adwa of 1 March 1896 was a stunning victory for Ethiopia but a rout and a disaster for Italy. Adwa – the story of Africans seeing to their own freedom – played out against a background of almost unrelenting European expansion into Africa. The success of Ethiopia’s forces assured that Ethiopia would be the only African country successfully to resist European colonization before 1914. It also resonated powerfully in post-Emancipation America where hierarchies of race and ethnicity were only beginning a process of challenge and renegotiation.

Playing this game you will be Emperor Menelik II (እምዬ ሚኒሊክ) fighting the Adwa Battle with Italians army, collect more coins and kill more while running to save villages of Ethiopia. Enjoy
The Game support Amharic Language.
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