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Azeb Mesfin Suspended From TPLF Executive Committee

by addisinsight

In a press release sent to EBC, TPLF (Tigray People Liberation Front) just announced a major shakeup in its executive committee seats. After going through intense inner party evaluations and critic the party rendered a decision on three executive committee members.

Abay Woldu the chairman of the part was demoted while Beyene Mekeru deputy CEO of EFFORT was demoted and lowered to a central committee from executive committee status. While Azeb Mesfin who is also the CEO of EFFORT was temporarily suspended. The party which has nine executives sits will now have four vacant sits in which one of them was vacated following Dr. Tedros Adhanom appointment as WHO Director.

In its statement, the party vowed to make more shuffles and shakeups in the coming few days and reform the party.The news first reported by blogger Daniel Berhane and just after two hours, EBS reported the press release sent from the party.


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