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Entrepreneurs, being the drivers of innovation in developing nations are redefining their roles through creating all kinds of businesses that are believed to solve major societal problems. The area is not a walk in the park rather a journey which requires a lot of dedication and risk-taking. Particularly, in developing countries where funding and mentorship are scarce. Not to mention they also need assistance at the individual level with technical training, market research and financing as well as at the ecosystem level through proven policies and institutions to support the growth of innovative small and medium enterprises.

iceaddis, as the prior and one of the innovation hubs nurturing startups throughout their progress in the making, hosted a beta application launch with one of the startups, “Lik-Tera”  on Friday,20 April 2018 on the occasion of World Book at the presence of publishers and bookstores including Bookworld, Eneho, Jafar, and Kifle. The launch went effectively following a presentation by Netsanet Tesfaye about reading culture and the state of books amongst publishers, distributors, and readers as well as discuss features of the app.

Liktera is a new application that connects book suppliers and publishers to customers using a combination of online and offline approaches. By mixing technology with existing traditional trading channels, the platform creates a convenient way for customers to access a wide variety of books that are not readily available otherwise.


The app aims to progressively create a world-class e-commerce solution platform in the country (Ethiopia) as well as the continent (Africa) by developing a portable (responsive or mobile friendly) online platform that will be used to link customers and businesses through the customers’ daily trading and passing time routines like shops (small shops, mini/supermarkets) that will act as an agent and assist in process of receiving and delivering orders.

The platform will be a stage where interested buyers and sellers of items of a product will interact each other by:

  • Creating convenience where both customer and business can easily find exactly what they are looking for
  • Reducing cost of resources i.e time and money,
  • using additional elements of regular shops as Agents of customers for making both
  • orders/confirm orders and optional delivery points(in addition to customers own address),
  • Reducing trust issues by using the exchanging of payments and delivery of items/products to be made through regular shops that customers are already accustomed to,
  • Parallel adoption or promotion of mobile payment system that the country is currently implementing/as an option for payment method other than cash/
  • By creating an environment where trading activities can still be made while internet connection is not available

The newly launched app values Adaptability, Portability, Trustworthiness, Convenience and Fitting with properties that couldn’t be found in the traditional business activities.

About the Founder

Samuel Gizaw completed Secondary School at St. Joseph Christian Brothers School. Following that, he had his Bachelor of Arts (BA) under the Department of Linguistics from Ababa University, Master of Science Degree in Computer Science from HiLCoe, School of Computer Science and Technology and is Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 6 Programmer.

Samuel has been involved in different areas to help him get all the experience he could get. He has worked as an English Language Instructor at Ethio-Lions Tourism College and was also a part of a Radio production team in British Council project called Teachers Development by Radio(TDR). Apart from that, he has served as a Fund Raising Director and Director of International Service for the Rotaract Club of Raey.

Samuel joined iceaddis in August 2017 and has been working on his app ever since. Throughout his diverse experience, he had been certified for participation in Strategic Planning Management (Corresponding to new Charities and Societies Law) at CCRDA, Regional School of Hornby and British Council on Teachers Development by Radio, Leadership award from Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) 2007, Sub-National Immunization Days for the eradication of Polio from Ethiopia by Rotaract club of Mela, Ethiopian Sign language, Linguistics Department, AAU and others.

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