Fetena App helps Ethiopian high school students go digital for national exam preparation


Ethiopian education app aims to make studying less stressful for students

Study guides and exam preparation guides can be expensive and a hassle to use. In Ethiopia, where internet penetration is one of the lowest around the world, Canvas Technologies – a group of students and young professionals passionate about improving education in the country – are helping students fulfill their potential through Fetena App.

Fetena is a progress tracking study guide for students in grades 8, 10, and 12 that will be taking Ethiopia’s National Higher Education Entrance Examinations (Matric). This app creates a study plan and regularly tests users on their knowledge of subject matters. The app helps students reduce their reliance on paper-based studying techniques, bringing education in Ethiopia into the digital zeitgeist.

The app helps students prepare for the national exam by offering insights on each subject, daily challenges and goals to increase motivation and tracking software to improve their progress. The app also offers real questions from previous exams, allowing the user to select a year and a subject to test their knowledge. The app will then create as student’s user profile and a study plan designed to guide them to success.

“A powerful way to encourage clear understanding of objectives and ownership of learning is to have students track their own progress, either results of assessments or perception of understanding,” states the founder.

Exam seasons can be stressful and overwhelming – let alone considering the number of textbooks a student uses to study. Fetena is a free and easy-to-use app designed to make studying convenient and pleasurable. The app has special features including “night mode,” which protects the users eyes from unnecessary white light, an option to challenge friends (also using the app) with test questions, an “exam mode” which simulates a timed-test, and more.

After launching in 2017, Fetena – then called Grade 12 Matric App – reached over 50,000 users across the nation. Noticing its popularity, Canvas Technologies decided to improve and re-release the app again to a wider audience.

Digital penetration in the education sector is about 3%. Integrating technology and smart design in education will not only improve the performance of students but also create a better society. Fetena aims to increase the motivation of students arming them with the tools to improve and enjoy studying. This app can be used at any time they want to study wherever they are.




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