Fekat Circus to Inaugurate the First Circus Tent in the Horn of Africa


In recent years, circus arts have been spreading rapidly all over the African continent. Young African performers today showing a remarkable aptitude to create a new African circus culture by fusing their rich artistic and cultural heritage with a contemporary circus.

The cultural, social, and economic importance of circus is still poorly recognized in Africa. At present African circuses have two options to subsist: either work in western countries or depend on international donations for their role in social development.

Considering the economic boom which Africa is going through, this is the time for the African circus to develop further and establish itself as an art form to count within the continent’s development.

Fekat Circus will host the second edition of the African Circus Arts Festival from February 28- March 02, 2018. The festival is believed to be a one of a kind event gathering 11 circus troupes from 6 African countries to perform in Addis Ababa. The first edition in 2015 attracted over 12,000 audiences. The second edition will be held at the Mekonnenoch Kebebe ( Officer’s Club) and will inaugurate the first circus tent in the horn of Africa.

A press release was given today at Iceaddis with the media and representatives of concerned bodies present. Not only did they clarify matters but the program was backed by performers and a fun introduction.

Giorgia Giuta (Fekat Circus co-founder), Derege Dagne (Fekat Circus President), Wude Zeleke (Circus Bahir Dar Manager), Tesfahun Mergia(Circus Arba Minch Manager), Michael Genet(Ministry of Culture Representative) and Sarah Bushra( Fekat Circus Communications Officer), discussed what circus is all about and its benefits, challenges they face and its current status in Ethiopia.  Michael Genet(Ministry of Culture Representative) stated that the ministry of education along Ministry of Culture are working together to include Circus Arts in the curriculum for the near future. What makes this festival interesting is that Fekat Circus will be inaugurating the first Circus tent in the Horn of Africa. The Circus tent cost around 1 million Birr from purchasing, delivery, tax, and purchasing to which they raised the money from crowdfunding while on tour and the Eu arts program.

“This is a huge achievement for a group so small.” Said Giorgia Giuta Co-Founder of Fekat Circus.

ACAF 2018 Participants include;

  1. Fekat Circus from Ethiopia known for its traditional anchors and contemporary relevance aside its smiles, joyfulness and bursting laughter.
  2. Colokolo from Morocco which combines circus arts with dance and theater to develop a Moroccan identity of performing arts.
  3. Sarakasi trust from Kenya, a group with the main purpose to respond to the need for further development in cultural, performing arts, economic, entrepreneurial and social support of the youth.
  4. Tinafan from Guinea which is the first school of Circus arts in West Africa.
  5. ZipZap from South Africa bringing the colorful heritage, showcasing their signature traditional dance.
  6. Marionetas Gigantes from Mozambique known for their funny ways, originality and enlivening a crowd with their music and traditional dances.
  7. Circus of Arba Minch, Circus of Bahir Dar, Circus of Debre Berhan, Circus of Dire Dawa and Circus of Hawassa in addition to Fekat Circus.


  1. Feb 25- 4:30pm Ops…IT-in-IT (Italian-in-Itinerat)

Organized by/at Italian Cultural Institute
Circus performance by Simone Romano and RasOterrA Company (Italy)

  1. Mar 01- 8:00pmAddis Bagneux

Organized by/at Alliance Ethio-Francaise
Work in progress- a performance by Le Plus Petit Cirque du Monde (France) and Fekat Circus (Ethiopia)

  1. Mar 03- 4:00pm- 10:00pmMekonenoch Kebeb (Officer’s Club)

Press conference and opening speech
Short performance by all circus teams in the outdoor stage
Foods and drinks, circus kid’s corner, Handcraft bazar and Music concert.

  1. Mar 04- 1:00pm- 8:00pmMekonenoch Kebeb (Officer’s Club)

Full shows in the indoor stage (circus tent)
Short performances in the outdoor stage
Foods and drinks, circus kid’s corner, Handcraft bazar and Music concert.

Besides being an important occasion for young African circus artists to express themselves and highlight the continent’s cultural wealth, the festival will convey within Africa and worldwide a message of peace, unity, and cultural diversity. bell

About the organizers

Fekat Circus, the Blossoming Circus in Amharic, was established in Addis in 2008 by young Ethiopian jugglers and acrobats.

Today it comprises of 30 professional artists who perform in Ethiopia and internationally. Besides staging professional shows, Fekat Circus spreads the circus arts in the capital through its school and outreach programs (in orphanages, private schools and events).

Since 2009, Fekat Circus also provides entertainment activities daily at the pediatric ward of the Black Lion Hospital. One of the lates Fekat brand is the “Monthly, Addis Ababans have the chance to attend this extravagant event that is gaining more and more popularity.



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