MIKAYA BEHAILU – ጊዜ ቢነጉድም Music Album Released


Death, as natural as it may sound, could be made even worse when someone is taken at a young age leaving an incomplete legacy behind them. Throughout a series of time, we have come to witness prodigious works to only perish without a sequel. Some of whom encountered huge success in their lifetime whist others only achieved it after their death. Recently, some professionals seem to be taking matters to their own hands when such things happen. Like the artistic resurrection that happened for Eyob Mekonen, here came another revival by Mikaya Behailu. Mikaya Behailu first introduced herself with her first album “Shemametew” which gained a huge amount of admiration for her ability of sensational singing that projects love and principle.

Artist Mikaya Behailu, aside from being a singer, is also known for her works in development programs, particularly in youth and women empowerment. She has written songs covering issues related to child birth and nutrition in an effort to reduce mortality of infants and children. She was also in the process of launching a talk show that focuses on women before she passed away.

In September 2013, Artist Mikaya caught systemic lupus, a chronic autoimmune disease that causes severe fatigue and joint pain. On the morning of December 24, 2013, she was admitted to Adera Clinic for treatment. Later on the day, she was taken to Tirkur Ambessa Hospital for an emergency care. Artist Mikaya passed away few hours before mid-night. Her death came as a sudden tragedy to her family, friends and fans. Mikaya is believed to have lived on through her daughter, Bontu Nancy Mikaya Teshome.

At the 1-year memorial program for Artist Mikaya at Dagi’s View Show by Dagmawi Sisay, the news of an unfinished work of the artist was brought to light. A lot of comments from her fans were made regarding their wish to see her works complete, and be able to listen and enjoy her songs once again. The show’s host, Dagmawi Sisay contacted her family and initiated the effort to finalize her works.

Artist Mikaya’s unfinished works were collected from different composers, and were brought together to Robel Dagne, a music mix and arrangement professional, whom she was working with before her death. Robel has extensively worked to improve the quality of recordings and arrange her songs in different style and taste. Two vocalists, Gracela Liogi and Mekbib Mekoya, featured in three of her songs to finalize incomplete lyrics. The album was later mastered by Collin Jordan, a veteran mastering engineer, at The Boiler Room, in Chicago.

Gize Binegudim (ጊዜ ቢነጉድም) is composed of 12 songs with different themes like love, family, country and one’s life philosophy. All lyrics and 11 of the melodies are written by Artist Mikaya herself. The depth of the lyrics is supreme and would reach to a diverse fan base

Please buy original CD from distributors. The album will be available for online distribution through iTunes and CD Baby.

Read her bio in her own words below.



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