Fahmi Girma/ “The Fast And Curious Adrenalin Junkie”


Passion, a very tricky thing, it’s like a counterfeit God to us human beings, well for those who choose to acknowledge it anyway. The only driving force the mind submits to, or the only path the mind lets the heart take the lead over. We live in a place where following one’s passion/ a calling comes after one has successfully booked safety plans to adulthood way of living, where a calling is a backup plan instead of the way of honor in our lives.

But, there are rebels! There are those people limitations can’t just get a hold of, because following your passion on a high way, through a wide open door, on a roll down an aisle isn’t something to have goosebumps over, nor something to really push the boat out for, because there is a whole other way of fulfilling a craving, through a crack, on a rough lane with nothing on but a bare desire and a doubt full of trust, to carve the first steps yourself instead of following the paths most have driven by.

“On a given day, a given circumstance, you think you have a limit. And you then go for this limit and you touch this limit, and you think, ‘Okay, this is the limit’. And so you touch this limit, something happens and you suddenly can go a little bit further. With your mind power, your determination, your instinct, and the experience as well, you can fly very high.” 
 Ayrton Senna

Meet Fahmi Girma, A 26-year-old young man who dirt tracked his way from an Armchair enthusiast all way to a first-place racer. Fahmi is a vivacious guy that chose to take the power plant that has been wired within his mind since he was a child to an actual lane, yet a lane he had to carve. Breaking through limits.

“I have always known that I was a speed freak adrenalin junkie…I just didn’t know I would be recognized for it.” He quoted.

Motorsport encompasses a group of competitive sporting events which primarily involve the use of motorized vehicles, whether for racing or non-racing competition. But, it’s not something a lot of people are aware of or an event hosted just around every corner. If you want something and the circumstances don’t seem to meet the given situation, the term to give up is a normal and understandable way to go by, where that desire simply turns into a fantasy you enjoy seeing others do. But not Fahmi, it all started way back for him to not act on it, starting from making his own toy cars and bikes as a kid, fascinated by the cars he watched on the Gillett sport series on ETV back in the days, there has always been the bits and pieces giving him all the adrenaline kick to make up time to his urges, which is taking him to places, as he came First place in the JAN Meda rally race, Sunday 18th 2017, an event organized by former car race drivers and racers in collaboration with the EMSA(Ethiopian motorsport association), a subsequent of another rally race and city circuit race organized by the AAMSA, to restore and revive the Ethiopian motorsport of racing which have been neglected for different reasons for the last few years.

Through all that, patience too played quite a role as it took a long time waiting till he was finally able to afford to buy a car and pimp it into a low budget sports car and also to buy a second-hand motorcycle and practice off-road motocross.

“I usually go out of Addis or in the skirts to look for fields and practice some tricks, drifts and some corners, I recently found a field around Sululta which I used to prepare myself for the rally race challenge I won. We also go to Akaki/ Dukem for Motorbike practice with my friends. The street race, however, is a bit difficult to practice considering we do not have good roads all year round. Most of my competitors have a CAR auto repair garage of their own or a relative’s, considering that I come from the other side of the sports, it makes me a little more cautious when it comes to calculating the risks involved in the car or me. It is very common to see cars towed after a race because of the damages they sustained and that is very demotivating for the driver. Accidents may happen and we need to be more careful when participating in such events.” He told Addis Insight on how he does his training and manage the risks involved at the same time.

Fahmi strongly believes in hard work paying off good, he says racing is a bit of an expensive passion, and yet, to get it past the passion phase, before it turns to one of those fantasies, he made sure he worked extra hours to afford it. Considering that was quite a journey, I asked him if there is a special moment he has saved up on the helmets, and here is what he has to say:

“Winning the last race was such an unforgettable moment, my competitor was leading the race and I took him over at the last 10 meters as our difference was almost a second, it was like in the movies and the takeover was haileGebresilassie style, then I run to the marshals and asked them who won…they told me number 22 and then I couldn’t remember my number over the excitement and run to the car to see my number, I was so happy. It was also a very sad moment as the other car lost control and caused some causality.”

Motorsport is a practice where risks are guaranteed. No family or friend sits with a popcorn, their feet on a table within a total tranquility, it could be terrifying till they see the racer off the wheel intact or something close. Out of curiosity, I asked him how his friends and family deal with it, every time he goes out to race:

“Everyone was shocked after the race and came running, the look of concern on their faces reminded me of how lucky I am to have friends like that. However it is also very sad to me that my family has no idea, they would not approve or they will be too worried so I haven’t told them…is not it sad when you can’t share one of your happiest moments with the family you love? I guess it is about time that I tell them but for n, w I would like to keep the celebration with my friends only.”

What I was able to get is that all this is just a pole position to Fahmi, that he’s all out and about to upgrade his drive and all the risks that would come along. He sees himself racing in international competitions soon enough both in the motorcycle and car race and intends to participate in the African Dakar Rally. Considering the strategic location of Ethiopia and the good weather he wishes to see our place marked on the world map aiming to host big tournaments like the one in Dubai, Formula 1, bringing potential stakeholders, investors, and media coverage.

Saluting all the norm breakers, outside the line “colorers”, “out thinkers” and insurgents over confinements, we hereby congratulate Fahmi on his victory and the course he’s drifting for others to trace through.




Fahmi Girma

Fahmi Girma, Age 26, A full-time student of life and currently the managing director of BLACK STUDIO which is working on Architecture, Engineering, Interior and building solutions. A self-made entrepreneur who continuously strives for the betterment of himself and the society that he’s a part of.

About The Race

“Motorsport used to be a very common practice and there used to be a lot of racing events like this before 8 – 10 years ago. It was common for the sansusi (Addisu Gebeya) fields to host different Motorcycle championship. But however due to different circumstances we haven’t seen such events for quite some tim, however, we are now witnessing the down of a new season . EMSA and AAMSA are working very hard to bring this sport in to life again and we only hope for the best. Well, as racing is an ultimatum of man and machine against speed, the risks involved are quite high even before the Adrenalin boost and focus.” Fahmi

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