Jano Band Official Statement: Major Changes on the Band Not a Breakup


According to an article by Music in Africa, Ethiopian radio personality Dereje Ayalew, popularly known as DJ Kingston, said the band members had been entangled in a bitter dispute about the future of the group and its ownership for some time. Additionally, the band had been struggling financially forcing some of the members to demand an equal share of income.

Following that statement, we were able to discuss the matter with the lead singer of the band Dibekulu Tafesse.

“We didn’t break up but there will be a major substitution on the musicians and the second album will be released, the band will proceed to perform in a better and more upgraded status with its main singers,” Dibekulu stated.

At a press release on Coke Studio Africa launching in Ethiopia, held 8 September 2017 at Intercontinental Hotel, the band was asked if the rumor of them breaking apart was true.

“That’s not the first time we’ve heard that. It has been said a lot of times, it has been said that we wouldn’t be able to survive on our own when we parted ways with our previous manager Addis Gesesse yet we have managed to do so. There will be some changes we’ll have to make but that doesn’t mean we are calling quits. Jano Band will proceed through generations even when we get to that age we’d no longer be able to perform.” addressed Dibekulu.




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