Accusation Made on Gishen Pharmacy Confirmed, Gishen Facing Suspension For Three Months


Inside The Doping Hotspot Of Ethiopia: Dodgy Testing, a special report by Martha Kelner from Addis Ababa published on the 4th of August 2017 by The Guardian addressed unrecognized nor censored doping/ performance enhancing drugs usage by our athletes sold to them by Gishen pharmacy without a prescription of a physician only.

According to a report on All Africa on August 12, 2017, The management of Gishen Pharmacy Plc, one of the largest pharmacies in the city, with multiple branches, has denied the sale of a drug called EPO (Erythropoietin) that was said to have been used for doping by Ethiopian athletes. The General Manager and founder of the Pharmacy, Amakelech Lulu, said that a policy of the Pharmacy does not allow any employees to sell drugs without a prescription promising to conduct further investigation into the case of employees selling drugs without prescriptions at a press conference on August 8, 2017, hosted to clear up its stand following the article.

Following the accusations, Our new president of The Ethiopian Athletics Federation told Sheger radio that the whole thing was a total lie.

“The article is all a lie and unethical aimed to put us down. We have gone to the pharmacy where they said they bought the drugs from and the pharmacists have told us that no drugs were sold without prescriptions.  The pharmacist said the reporters tried bargaining with money but that they told them that’s not how their system works. The pharmacy is now writing back to the newspaper in legal terms as it’s a serious accusation it has made.”

According to a report on Fana Bc today, It has been confirmed that the Pharmacy did indeed sell the drugs and is to be banned for three months.

Ministry of Youth and Sport addressed the media that an investigation was performed in several areas and that the drugs were found in Gishen Pharmacy. Following the investigation, the pictures of the drugs featured in the article were confirmed to match their statement saying the drugs were sold to them without prescriptions. The ministry added that the pharmacy at Stadium is banned for the coming three consecutive months. Besides that, Branch Manager Ato Yibeltal Admasu’s license will be revoked for six months for not having been responsible.


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