“It’s all a lie” Haile Gebrselassie Speaks Out Regarding Doping Allegation By The Guardian

The nine vials of EPO which were bought for £79. Photograph: Martha Kelner

Our Ethiopian athletes are on the run at the World Championships 2017 in London, striving to keep the legacies set out before them and also to make another one of their own. The world has pronounced their presence astound by their performances throughout different events. But again, there’s always a catch to every perk, well at least that’s what the team of The Guardian, The German broadcaster ARD and Holland Media are digging up holes to find.

Recently, an article titled [sociallocker] Inside The Doping Hotspot Of Ethiopia: Dodgy Testing, under a special report by Martha Kelner from Addis Ababa was published on the 4th of August 2017 by The Guardian. The article tried to address what seems to be an unrecognized nor censored doping/ performance enhancing drugs usage by our athletes and also states what could become of a serious accusation on pharmacies providing the drugs without a prescription of a physician only. The article also suggests that Ethiopian anti-doping agency’s way is offhand to the issued matter and that “A hugely successful Ethiopian athlete is also caught on undercover film, seeking a new doping programme and admitting to having taken performance-enhancing drugs before claiming one of her biggest titles. Inside the doping hotspot of Ethiopia: dodgy testing and EPO over the counter.” as the guardian puts it.

In response to the article, Our new president of The Ethiopian Athletics Federation told Sheger radio that the whole thing is a total lie.

“The article is all a lie and unethical aimed to put us down. We have gone to the pharmacy where they said they bought the drugs from and the pharmacists have told us that no drugs were sold without prescriptions.  The pharmacist said the reporters tried bargaining with money but that they told them that’s not how their system works. The pharmacy is now writing back to the newspaper in legal terms as it’s a serious accusation it has made.” Haile claims that he is 100% sure that the athletes are by no means involved in such an act or else they wouldn’t have been qualified to participate in the IAAF World Championship 2017. [/sociallocker]




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