Donkey Slaughter House In Ethiopia Exports First-Ever Donkey Meat Despite Protest

Picture Simon Parry

Despite a ban from the Bishoftu city administration, Shandong Dong, the first donkey slaughterhouse in Ethiopia, is carrying on with the business.

Shandong Dong Group, a Chinese donkey abattoir, shipped 25 tonnes of donkey meat to Vietnam last week, becoming the first of its kind for Ethiopia.

The slaughterhouse, located in Bishoftu (Debrezeit), exported the meat four months after the Bishoftu City Administration put a ban on the company following public discontent that burst out in social media platforms.

In a letter issued on April 16, 2017, the Bishoftu city administration banned the Chinese company from carrying on with its operations, saying that it was offensive to the people who are living around the plant.

Shandong first came to Ethiopia five years ago and secured a license from the Ethiopian Investment Commission. Its original plan was to buy donkey skins from the Ethiopian market. The Commission, however, suggested the Company open its slaughterhouse instead, saying that they would not find anyone suppliers for donkey skin. With an initial capital of 62.6 million Br, Shandong started to build a donkey abattoir.

Fitsum Arega, the commissioner of the Ethiopian Investment Commission, made it clear that such investments have not been accepted since 2014. Six months ago, Shandong, which covers 10,050sqm, was torched by protestors in Oromia Regional State.

Although the company had slaughtered more than 2,000 donkeys before it was closed by the City Administration four months ago, it did not export the meat due to lack of facilities to ship the items, according to Lio Zhaohua, country director of Shandong.

“We could not get refrigerated containers,” said Zhaohua, who finally shipped the meat using Maersk Line containers, a global logistics, and shipping company.

Currently, about 50 tonnes of meat is still inside the freezer of the company, which is expected to be shipped in the next two weeks.

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