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Happy Monday folks, the beginning of a brand new week to plan, to execute and to gather your product later on the weekends. Now let’s talk business, your successful business or one to be. Or better yet, let’s talk about the drive, to take your idea under construction or a company to the next level. That drive, that apparatus and very fuel are your staff. Your employees, as that’s where it all starts.

I have once read, to be successful, work with people who are smarter than you. Normally, we avoid that in fear of being taken over. But that shouldn’t be the case, having a creative, vigorous, smart, logical and ambitious team around, where each can be their own leaders, where all could work for their own conscience towards an envisioned mutual goal is what gets you where you want to be faster and in a well-structured manner. By letting your employees to their own area of expertise, you are putting them under the trust circle as well as the responsibility corner. The other one I have read is to treat your employees as your customers, as you want customers to buy your products or services, you want your employees to buy your ideas and goals for a general profit. This article is not how to run your company but your employees, because again, if you know how to manage and keep them motivated, it’s as if your business starts running itself.

Below is a list of techniques from different entrepreneurs around the world known to be the best at their business.

  1. Provide meaningful feedback in a constructive manner on a regular basis.

The problem is that giving a feedback is thought to spoil employees and lose their touch. Here’s the thing, by pointing out their strengths, you are allowing them to put more focus on what they do best.

“Feedback is a foundational management skill; the ability to provide regular, helpful feedback to employees in a manner that encourages, not discourages, and is a cornerstone of effective management.”

You must make sure that you value your employees and the impact their work has in your company.

  1. Be sure they receive adequate training.

Creating the opportunity if not the platform for your employees to receive different trainings not only helps them to upgrade their skills but also gives them a richer picture you are trying to have them get a hold of.  The training can be from leadership training to personal holistic development. While leadership training guides them into the professional world other training that is more of personal holistic development will allow them to get a break from their day to day hustle, the more relaxed and rested they are, the more creative and productive they will be.

  1. Provide support for employees when it’s genuinely needed

By striving to bring the best out of your employees, you are also unleashing the best of what they can achieve. Yet, there are times where they could get out of track, if you manage to be the professional shoulder they could lean on then they will make sure you never have to fall back in return.

  1. Gamify and Incentivize

Having a professional cubicle could be a good thing, but forming that cubicle outdoors is a fun and again a productive way of catalyzing the activities of your employees.

  1. Learn What Makes Each Employee Tick

Ask what they do and don’t like working on, share the big picture, company goals, and respond to their questions. Discern their goals and then invest in their professional growth.

  1. Have an Open-Door Policy

It’s amazing how a simple “please” and “thank you” fares with employees. We simply speak to staff the way we would want to be spoken to. We also have an open-door policy when it comes to suggestions and ideas.

  1. Show Them the Bigger Picture

It’s important that employees understand the bigger picture and can see how what they are doing at the moment will eventually contribute to an end goal. Give them tasks and projects to work on and make sure they understand how this fits into the big picture.

  1. Treat Them as Entrepreneurs!

Let them to their own area of expertise. Let them explore and create.

  1. Let Folks Do What They Do Best

If employers can empower their employees to do what they love to do and what they do best, they will not only be more productive but also much happier.

  1. Celebrate !!!!


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