How Is A Writer Not A Perfect Liar Who Has Excelled At Remembering The Fabrications?


Today for the first time I wondered or asked you may say, where words come from. Words for a story that is. I mean I feel like a poet or a writer is a polite word society was sensitive enough to give a person with all the sickness in the world. Well, probably because they couldn’t submit them into a psych Ord. I wonder how it was like when the first writer came out of the “closet”, considering he did not write the voices inside his head out loud out in the open. I wonder if he just one day decided to follow the voices and when he was done, got out and said…what exactly do you think the first writer said though? Like, “Hey people I have something I want to tell you but it’s better if you read it?” And when the people read the first book, did they go out looking for the characters and when they couldn’t find any of them, is it possible that they may have condemned the writer for fraud? How is the writer not a liar who has excelled at remembering the fabrications?

I mean think about it, hear me out, who does that? Who sits around and drain the self out just to come up with a story that may have never happened and never will? Before going any further, let me say that I myself am an aspired writer, so all that I say includes me.

I sometimes spend days trying to write a story. How does that happen? Usually my possible ideas come after midnight or early in the morning. So some line would just pop out of God knows where and then I would write it down before I forget it then start forming characters and conversations. So basically I am talking to myself whenever I write. Then I publish it and people read it as some kind of incident because I give them details and confirm it with “is”, for “is” is a verification word. Think about all the fiction books you like, especially fantasies and Sci-Fi’s.  When reading your favorite book you forget that it’s all a tale yet you find a way to relate to it, it becomes your truth or you find the truth in a total lie. I am a huge fan of Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, now both are fantasies yet I have never for once dared question it. The pain, the anticipation, the curiosity, the anger and every feeling that comes with reading the books feels real as the writers have excelled in making up a story and actually remembering it.

It is the same with playwrights, screen writers and well writers in general. Think about all the movies, especially those with sick plot twists. First making us believe there is such a story, then leading us on into a scene and finally, plot twist! Showing us the same scenes in a whole other angle making us change our minds about everything we’ve seen.

So, how can you discern what’s real and what’s a story to be when talking to writers? for we are here to tell stories, be it made up or modified, to take the mind of the world away from reality when it needs to pull over from a fast spin.



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