Negash Gebre-Mariam Dies At 92


Veteran, journalist, and author Negash Gebre-Mariam, known to have had a great impact on Addis Zemen newspaper with his intriguing questions, his ways with such an in-depth interviews and presentation, passed away Yesterday 17th July 2017. The Addis Insight team extends its condolences with a bit of a reminder to what a remarkable man he was in respect to his great work.

About Negash Gebre-Mariam

-Negash grew up in Mechara Jilbo, Harar. He was brought up by his grandfather, hailed from Wollo, who understood the value of education. Young Negash and all the other children in the family were educated by a priest hired by his grandfather.

-Negash, a newspaperman at heart worked at the Ethiopian Herald for a year and edited the Amharic daily Addis Zemen for four years, the paper that had been run by priest educated people for the previous 20 years. With his four years journalism training in the United States, Negash had to undertake the task of upgrading the layout, story placement, headlines and introducing the idea and coining the Amharic word for “editorial” consulting a renowned Geez scholar, Leke Seyouman Aklilu.  After Addis Zemen, he left to serve as assistant manager of the radio and television department and later as general manager of the Ethiopian News Agency.
-Negash also tried his hand at playwriting with a drama titled “Yedil Atbiya Arbegnoch”, which is based on the theme of the Italian occupation. Yet it was his second play, “Ye Azawintoch Kebeb” (Senior Citizens’ Circles) that brought him wider recognition and fame. He also wrote an Amharic novel, entitled Setegna Adari (Prostitute).

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