Signtshirt Striving to Become a Leading Ethiopian Owned Clothing Company In the US


The blending of a concept with quality products became the new pact of An online clothing company, tailored with the idea of satisfying the cravings of demonstrating Ethiopian pride. It has started reaching out our society of different age, yes while living in the western world, one may declare that pride can be a cloth, that pride can be an accessory, and that it can be a precious gift that teaches others about our true distinctiveness.

Signtshirt LLC is now a rising star of an Ethiopian online business. Inclusive of every Ethiopian test, it simply talks our identity, with products that hold our uniqueness in its full pride. If we allow this creativity to blossom, even more, the future is that we don’t need to search in the least for items that we can wear and make wear.


Their professional website is open to your voice. You can give your respected comments, as well as order a design to your satisfactions, be it on a large scale or simply single items that allows you to wear specialized designs of your choice.


“We understand that we’re not just printing t-shirts but rather helping people make memories or remind them of one by creating a sense of belonging. To our clients, these are not just pieces of fabric. They’re keepsakes that will remain with them for years. And we’re incredibly proud to know that, with every garment we print and every order we fill, we’re sharing with you a piece of every other Ethiopian” said the Executive Director.


A must-evaluate website that has the potential to revolutionize our advance of online business habit, using the innovative medium — tradition has become now a fashion.

It has a mission of building on our heritage to be an international community leader in the field of creating apparels, accessories and gift items that get across the message of caring, sharing and pride of our society. Looking at the products we reminisce easily we’re one as we’re Ethiopian.

Here is a portion of their poem that they shared with us while they are preparing their products for the next football game in Seattle…


As Ethiopian

I’m straight when I walk, with my chin always up

I don’t shudder on my feet; I’m taller when I stand

Eternal sense of self-esteem, that sends chills through my spine

Every attempt of smile, every movement of my skin

All from the narration of my story, all from being who I’m…



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