We Live In A Chemical World, And We Are Bound To React Or Explode In The Chemistry

Fun with dry ice!

Science is a beautiful thing you know. It’s like a shoulder to shriek on. Why? Well because it literally has an explanation for everything you would name a reason to. We mess up and calm ourselves with the term everything happens for a reason, and in science, everything happens because of something. And once you know that math to how your life goes, you can at least have something to blame your bad judgments on.

I love science, because it explains my idiocy, Gives me a pat on the back of my brain, Denounce my faults Reasons, It explains the void spaces in my “life” or as I call it a “stay”.

How love is nothing but “A chain of chemical reactions inside the brain, electrons in your brain sending signals.” And get this, a discovery says that you can take a prairie vole female, inject her with oxytocin, and she’ll bond with whatever male is around.”

And so thinking about that, take the blame away for falling for someone and well end up somewhere to why you are reading this post. Aren’t we all looking for an explanation after all?

And here’s another one, are you ashamed of shading tears, or ever felt like you’re a bundle of emotions way out of control and end up thinking you’re probably the only being staying awake late nights cursing your tears. Well let me ask you this,

Did you know?

Tears are called psychic tears, the ones you shade out of anger or stress or whatever, and they contain a natural pain killer called leucine encephalin, why you feel better after flooding allover yourself. So what I’m trying to say is that, your body is “prestructured” way ahead of the events you tear up on even existed. So yeah, you’re bound to cry at some point, nothing especial nothing condemning about it.

And memories? Oh man,

Memories are just puppets of the limbic system, a set of brain structures. So yeah, again, you’re structured/ bound to have your experiences stored, nothing more nothing less. Whatever you make out of your day, goes straight to that part of your brain, just like everyone, just like all.

And the usual heartbreak, heartache, whichever sounds fulfilling to your ears, is an intersection for emotional and physical pain in the brain, several brain regions are involved in anticipating pain gang regulating “negative” emotions (Right anterior insula, superior frontal gyrus and hypothalamus.)

So simple as that, Whatever science was behind in creating “moments”. There’s a counter psychology to take it all down. Whatever science was there to release the “butterflies in the stomach” Which by the way is, a system related to the “fight or flight”, adrenalin glands releasing adrenaline and cortisol, bla bla bla, Well whatever the science behind that, there’s always a counterfeit theory to calm the nerves down.

It’s all science. And it’s what you make out of it, and how you reason yourself that makes it seem like magic or some curse. So next time you want to kick your emotional twist, know that it was nothing but a structure in the first place, a structure you chose to give a story to. And just like that your mind will take on from there and delete the process you want to get rid of. Unless of course you believe you’re some kind of a special content, a miracle who means much more than the theories and species you’re tagged to.

I’m sorry if by any means this ruined the fairy moments and tales. Just know, We live in a chemical world, And we’re bound to react or explode in the process, nothing more nothing less.


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