ChangeMaker Tuesdays; Where You Can Charge Your Drive When You Feel Like You’re Draining


The world has come to a split of an audacious dynamism. As you look around you get to see the ultimatum of passion and on the other hand the rock bottom of idleness. Or you don’t even have to go far, we all have those moments within our best and worst of days. And in those days it’s good to have a circle where you can find the kick, the kick that could get you right back on track. That’s what we are going to introduce you to. Changemaker Tuesdays, where you could charge your oomph when you feel like you’re emptying up.

ChangeMaker Tuesdays is an informal network that inspires ideas, facilitates conversation and stimulates positive action for people and the planet currently organized by Yosef Alemayehu, Melaketsehaye Kebede, Semra Hailelul, Muluken Nega, Amy Bolger, Thomas Broadhurst partnering with iceaddis and go humanity go, taking place on the first (or second or third) Tuesday of every month inviting a ChangeMaker to talk about how they are creating positive change. A ChangeMaker creates solutions to issues affecting society and/or the environment.

They invite a ChangeMaker to the events to give an inspiring presentation about their journey towards creating positive change. They aim to inspire conversations among those attending the events, conversations about the kind of change they want to see in Ethiopia and in the wider world, and how they will contribute to achieving it.


The ChangeMaker Tuesdays announced the Founders of ‘Drop of Water’ as their June ChangeMakers.

Drop of Water (DoW) is a non-profit organization that works on bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in rural parts of Ethiopia.

Founded by a group of seven female former Mekelle University students in Ethiopia, DoW’s vision is to provide 100% access to clean drinking water, adequate sanitation, and hygiene in all parts of Ethiopia.

These determined ChangeMakers will share their story of how a chance meeting with one of the top Hollywood movie stars – MATT DAMON – inspired their journey when they met him at a charity water project in April 2009.

Since then these passionate and dedicated young women have achieved many milestones. Including the construction of more than 26 water points which are providing clean water service for thousands rural Enderta province families. With the support of many partners, DoW is also in the process of finalizing more clean water wells which will quench the thirst of more people in rural parts of Ethiopia.

Come along and hear from Co-founders of DOW Elfaz and Leul, about the story behind DoW’s creation.

“It is: Inspiring, positive, grassroots, educational, community centered, a sharing environment, empowering, fun, light, energetic, welcoming, collaborative, for social and environmental entrepreneurs, offering simple solutions

It is not: formal or serious, preachy, doom and gloom, boring or stuffy, cliquey, just for ferenji’s, just for the NGO/Development sector.” Amy Bolger

“Our community comprises of young professionals, students, diplomats, and youth leadership groups. We’ve had heads of International development organizations, Ambassadors, and students attend, all of whom are interested in grassroots sustainability initiatives, leadership development and creating positive change. Our events attract both Ethiopians and foreigners alike. The age range of our community varies between 20-60+ years. We cap numbers at 40 people at each event.” The ChangeMaker Tuesdays Team

When: Today, 13 June 2017, Starting from 6:00 pm

where: iceaddis

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