Ethiopia Blocks Internet On National Exam Day


Ethiopia blocks internet as Grade 10 students goes to National Exam today and as Grade 12 students are preparing for their University entrance exam that will commence next Monday. There has been no official confirmation from the government with regards to the internet blockage but different sources were able to confirm that the internet service was interrupted on Tuesday.

It was exactly a year ago amid nationwide protest that Grade 12 exams were leaked to activists and shared widely throughout social media. The leak has resulted in the postponement of the exam date and more than 57 million Birrs was allocated to facilitate the re-exam.

Even though it is rare for nationwide internet blackout to occur most part of the nation has been accessing social media platforms through VPN even before the command post took effect. Despite curbing any potential exam leak the nation only state-run telecom will still suffer through decline in revenue.

A total number of 1,206,869 students will be taking this year Grade 10 national exam and the exams will be conducted in 3500 stations. Addis Insight wishes all students the best  with their exam and they will probably be seeing this exam when the internet ban is lifted.




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