Saudi Arabia Signed Bilateral Agreement With Ethiopia To Recruit Ethiopian Domestic Workers


Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Labor and Social Development (MLSD) Ali Al-Ghafis signed a bilateral agreement with Ethiopia’s Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Abdulfatah Abdullahi to recruit Ethiopian domestic workers.

According to the agreement, the Ethiopian government will send qualified domestic workers who are medically fit to carry out their specific tasks as per Saudi regulations. The government will also ensure that these maids have no criminal record.

Among the necessary measures taken by the Ethiopian ministry, domestic workers should receive training at specialized household institutes in Ethiopia and must be aware of Saudi regulations and traditions and the nature of work.

The recruitment of Ethiopian workers should be done only through licensed recruitment offices, companies, manpower agencies or job placement centers.

The parties should stick to unified work contracts as both countries seek to control recruitment expenses.

Read full story on: Saudi Gazette

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