TRANSSION Holdings/ Ethiopia’s Transition Towards ICT Industry


Information and Communications Technology (ICT), devices, networking components, applications and systems that combined, allow people and organizations to interact in the digital world have changed our society remarkably in the last few years. Although the effect on our day to day lives is evident it’s seldom talked about. And that’s exactly what TRANSSION Holdings is focused on to change.

TRANSSION Holdings is a global company dedicated to providing most favored mobile communication products and mobile internet services for local consumers in emerging markets. The company is best-known for its leading technology brands, including TECNO, itel and Infinix. Transsion’s brand portfolio also comprises Carlcare for after-sales services, Oraimo for mobile accessories and Syinix for home appliance.

The company envisions to be the most influential and favored provider of mobile communication devices and related services in emerging markets by providing satisfying mobile communication products and services to users, profit solutions to customers and suppliers, generating material and spiritual happiness for employees and creating value for shareholders within the motto “Together we can”.

Following the long yet productive journey, Today, 24th May, The Company held a construction agreement signing ceremony for Ethio-ICT village between GM Henry Yu and TRANSSION AND ITPC A/CEO Ato Berhane Keleta and Construction Agreement signing between GM Henry Yu and  General Manager of TRANSSION and Vanlli Guo Rong Kai, and later on a TRANSSION Manufacturing PLC and ITPC Factory Tour at Alemgena and an Awarding ceremony in Recognition to all partners and supporting staffs with all the Delegates, Media and Speakers present.

Ato Genene Azene, Administration Director, opened the ceremony with and introduction and a congratulatory speech towards Dr. Tewodros Adhanoms triumph. Ensuing the introduction, invited guest speakers and Delegates, GM Henry Yu, Company partner Ato Levi Girma, ICT-ET Association President Ato Seyoum Bereded, People’s Republic of China Economic and Commerce office Counselor H.E. Mrs. Liu Yu, Ato Alemu Sime, Ethiopian Investment Commission Deputy Director Commissioner Ato Belachew Mekuria, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology State Minister H.E. Ato Getachew Negash,  gave their speeches and short presentation on the company and its progress.

Ato Alemu Sime
People’s Republic of China Economic and Commerce office Counselor H.E. Mrs. Liu Yu
GM Henry Yu

The company has come a long way through different phases.

2006- TRANSSION HOLDINGS was established, TECNO was launched

2007-First factory  set up in Shenzhen, launched itel.

2008-Approach identified: focus on Africa and develop a multi-brand strategy.

2009- Second factory in Yantian, Shenzhen went into operation; after-sales service brand Carlcare was born.

2010- TECNO ascended among the top three mobile brands in Africa.

2011-TECNO was honored as“NO.1 Dual SIM Mobile brand in Africa”.

2012- Launched smartphone brand Infinix; established mobile internet company Afmobi.

2013- Achieved great success in smartphone market and gained a favorable reception.

2014- Established an accessories brand Oraimo.

2015- Expanded to India market, established a home appliance brand Syinix.

2016- TRANSSION achieved remarkable accomplishment in emerging markets with each of its sub-brands highly praised and favored by consumers.

In 2016, the total shipment of the company was 79.91million and Globally have sold about 246million Dual-SIM mobile phones.

The company has now 3 manufacturing units, One in Africa/Ethiopia, Two in China/ Shenzhen Huizhou and plans to build virtual industrial park in India.

Though the Company’s original plan was just a trade business, a hit and run business as Ato Genene Azene described it, through the different phases, it was bound to expand into something so much more.

They started their journey from Meskel Flower, Phase one, established in September 2011 mainly to test the Ethiopian Assembly sector with 85 local and 9 expats employees with the capacity of 60,000 PCS/month.

After that, within seven months, they decided to expand the assembly(SMART/TABLET/EXPORT) and to grow the capacity and so they went for the next phase which was at Gofa, established in July 2012 With employees of 990FT+30PT and 16 Expats and an advanced capacity of 425,000PCS/month.

In May 2014, The Alemgena factory was established aiming to expand the assembly even more into Accessories, TV and Export with a growing number of employees, 627FT+152PT and 16 expats and with an enlarged capacity of 575,000PCS/month.

Now the plan is to establish Ethio-ICT in 2018, To expand the assembly Horizontally and Vertically having 2000 employees with a capacity of 2million PCS/month.

The corporate has resolved issues it faced through Commercial, people, technical, Financial and Regulatory problems throughout the six years. While striving to commit to Vertical and Horizontal Expansion including exports, the company faced so many challenges through contraband, Taxation policy, Uncertainity reforeign participation on investments in ICT services, Lack of music and content copyright protection, and regulatory policy and prioritization.

The plan is to bring all the three factories, Gofa Factory, Alemgena Factory and the Ethio-ICT village factory into one, that is TRANSSION Manufacturing PLC and ITPC.

“The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, The second best time is now.” Quoted Ato Levi Girma after a short presentation on the Company’s history and determination.


Speakers repeatedly mentioned it’s their aim to include ICT environment amongst the usually mentioned Agro industry sectors.


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