Hana Gebresilassie, First Female Vice President Of Ethiopian Sport Journalists Association

Photo: Haileegziabher Adhanom

The newly elected Ethiopian Sport Journalists Association (ESJA) Executive Committee (EC) had appointedHana Gebresilassie Ambaw, as its vice president, at its monthly meeting last Friday. She is the first woman to take the position in the association’s sporadic but recently invigorated almost half a century of history.

Hana, 27, a Political Science and International Relations BA Degree holder from Dire Dawa University, one of the active female sport journalists in Ethiopia, was elected to take the vice presidency unanimously by Executive Committee members. With a range of work experience, the new ESJA vice president is a former senior Sport reporter at the national Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) and is currently working as executive producer and host of weekly local radio talk show called “Olympiad” at 97.1 FM which she launched independently two years ago.

The Executive Committee also set up five sub-committees and two commissions with different tasks, which believed to help the association move forward as it promised after taking office one month ago.

The newly setup sub-committees and Commissions are:

  1. Membership and Office Management: chaired by the General Secretary of ESJAMensur Abdulkeni. Members, konji Teshome, Dereje Tegenaw, Dagim Zinabu and Ariyat Raya.
  2. Capacity Building and Ethics: chaired byFikir Yilikal. Membres, Girmachew Kebede, Hana Gebresilassie and Haileegziabher Adhanom.
  3. Stakeholders Relation and Sponsorship: chaird by ESJA PresidentYonas Teshome. Members, Mensur Abdulkeni, Tadele Assefa and Fikir Yilikal.
  4. Event Management: chaired byHana Gebresilassie. Members, Dagim Zinabu, Ariyat Raya and Konjit Teshome.
  5. Communication: chaired byHaileegziabher Adhanom. Members, Tadele Assefa, Girmachew Kebede and Konjit Teshome.
  6. Athletics Commission: Girmachew Kebede.
  7. Women’s Sports Affairs: Dagim Zinabu.

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