Journalist Biruk Endale Submitted His Resignation Following Teddy Afro Interview Cancellation By EBC


It has been already three weeks since Teddy Afro Latest Album Ethiopia was released and even before the album release Teddy has kept becoming the main agenda in all social media conversation. His success in his latest album earned him a number one spot on world music billboard and interviews with lots of international media outlets including BBC, Washington Post, and Associated Press.

Just last week the most controversial topic surrounding Teddy Afro surfaced after EBC journalist Biruk Endale shared on his social media account about his upcoming interview with the artist. In his post Biruk explains how he was privileged to interview the artist and reminding viewers to stay tuned for his show that will be airing on Sunday at Ehud Mezenagna TV program.

In a matter of hours another EBC journalist Getu Temesgen shared a news stating that EBC will not be airing Teddy Afro’s interviews without providing any explanation. This statement angered fans and led people to ask why Teddy Afro is repeatedly subjected to such unfairness ever since his third album Jah Yasteserial.

After four years of working with, EBC today journalist Biruk Endale posted on his social media account a resignation letter he submitted to EBC explaining how things were tough for him after the cancellation of the interview and that he cannot resume his work while compromising the ethics of journalism. So far there has been no statement from EBC.

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