Arif Zefen, You Can Now Get Your Favorite Tunes Just For 3Birr Per track


As the path to technology advances, the devotees get the complications to the table and dine on Techniques. As many impediments we may come across, there are lots of tech benders emerging as well. Our problem, being their adventure.


What do we have today?


We have come across so many good artists providing us good music to only go bankrupt with it. Bankruptcy not to indicate financially but also the value of their music all due to piracy. For years it’s been an issue discussed over and over again by artists and concerned bodies yet a definite solution hasn’t really been introduced. Following that, a group of friends from MIT decided to take the issue to the next level, that is, to the solution


Here we introduce you ArifZefen as Befekadu Ayenew, member of the technical team in developing the software, briefed us at the press conference that took place at Monarch Hotel, May 17th.

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ArifZefen, a product of Arifsoft, a technology company based in California and Addis Ababa, introduced ArifZefen StoreStore where new releases from artists will be on sale directly on Arifzefen, in general, it is a music streaming service that provides users with a seamless music listening experience on the web and mobile applications.  (Link to download app – )


Arifzefen Store allows users to purchase new songs or albums, download onto their devices and listen to their purchased songs without a need of internet connection or a need to use data. Through Arifzefen’s partnership with Ethio-Telecom, users in Ethiopia will now be able to buy music using their mobile phone credit (SIM card).


You will need to have internet connection in order to purchase the tracks.  Once tracks have been purchased and downloaded, you can listen without offline to those tracks without any connection or without using your data.  You can create different playlists and listen to these songs anytime and anywhere you go.


The company has also been working on other products like Ariflix (Ethiopian Movies), Arif Life (Business Directory), and Zikister (East African Music).


In addition to making online music purchase more convenient in Ethiopia, The new ArifZefen Store is a great opportunity for artists to be able to sell their music easily and make their work accessible globally.

The team aims to solve the main problems artists are facing now. That is distribution and piracy. What makes the Store significant is that it reduces all the hustle in distribution at the same time registering its legality so they won’t face any problem due piracy. The other thing is that once the songs are downloaded they can’t be shared from one user to another outside of the ArifZefen app, as the songs are encrypted. The Android app can be used both in Amharic and English languages. Customer wise, it makes it easier for the user to buy single tracks of an album they like most, saving them money and getting what they want to listen.

When it comes to the transaction, ArifZefen won’t be profiting anything from it for the coming 6 months. The standard cost for a single track is 3birr. 46% will go to Tele, 6% VAS and VAT while the rest 48% goes to the music owners. For customers abroad, they would make payment thru their Apple account for iPhone or Google Play for Android, 30% goes to apple or google play while the rest 70% goes to the owners for a dollar per track.


Their goal is to introduce 10 albums within the 6 months, extend the market and automate it and execute monthly payment to the artists.  Their debut albums currently available on ArifZefen Store are (links only available on iPhone and Android mobile phones):


The launch took place at Monarch hotel where several Artists including Sami dan, Zeleke Gessese, Tadele Roba and Jukebox attended.


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“With ArifZefen App and now the ArifZefen Store, users will continue to have their favorite tunes on the go neatly organized in one place,” stated Meraf Kifle, Arifsoft’s marketing manager.

“At ArifZefen, we believe in making the experience of the App users as friendly as possible. We live in a fast-paced world and we understand the necessity of convenience. That is why we continuously work to raise the standards of the service we provide, at the same time changing the way people experience listening to Ethiopian music.” Said Ephraim Tekle, Arifsoft’s CEO.


About the founders:

Arifsoft is a technology company based in California and Addis Ababa. They are a team of passionate individuals with a shared appreciation of great products that are both functional and fun to use.  They have 7 MIT degrees across the team complimented by over 25+ years of Silicon Valley experience. Their mission is to re-imagine and re-invent the way mobile products are being used, particularly in the developing parts of the world.  (


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