Mother’s Day Special; Heartfelt Memories On Top Of The Menu


Yesterday marked a very special day all over the globe. It’s hard to confuse it any other day when even social media was flooded with pictures of Mothers. Yes, I am talking about Mother’s day! Every day should be mother’s day, where we celebrate the never ending love they poured, for us to get to where we are today. This special event, this one day throughout the whole year, where mothers could see where their hard work have gotten to, where they could take few hours off around a turned table, that is; where the children do the treating and the mothers just sit there and enjoy the night, this one special night was staged by Temsalet Kitchen with the theme “ና እራት እንብላ” meaning “come, let us have dinner.”

The night has shown that men too could have more engagement on Mother’s Day, by expressing their gratitude to their mothers and wives. The event also acknowledged the role of fathers who singlehandedly raised their children ‘being both the mother and the father.’

The place started filling up at an early evening. Mothers showed up with their children and grandchildren. Dining with warm memories of noble upbringing. Husbands with their wives and daughters, perhaps setting an example for the kids to grow up to.

Most importantly, it was nice to witness the homey atmosphere the mothers brought out of the restaurant. Well, isn’t that what our mothers do? Their presence makes us children always feel at home and welcomed.

Hermela Solomon opened the stage with an introduction about Temsalet Kitchen and a briefing on the event. As the event took over later on the night, guest speakers and invited mothers, were invited to the stage to share their writings and experiences.

Here is a bit of what they had to say;

“All women share that caring instinct, whether they were able to give birth or adopt the children, I believe all women have a mother in them” said Tsigereda Gonfa who read us an interesting piece about a mother she encountered while riding in a bus.

Selamawit Admassu, a mother of two read a poem on mothers and quoted, “a lot could be said about mothers! For me, motherhood is a blessing that changes the way we look at life and makes life something to long for.”

“When a woman gives birth to a child, she’s not just mothering a single child but a nation that the child could one day be.” W/ro Mulu Solomon a businesswoman, writer and consultant and the first woman to be president of the Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce.

“Where does your strength come from?” was one of the questions directed towards W/ro Mulu Solomon. She inspired us all walking us through her experience as a professional, a wife and a mother, and most of all as a human being.

“I was once asked who my role model was. I told them that it was my mother. A professor who has earlier heard me tell that my mother was a farmer asked how that farmer mother from Ethiopian countryside be my role model. I told him that my mom was a strong woman who raised her children in a way where we could have what she never had. She raised strong women who could protect themselves. For example, I remember her teaching me and my sisters how to clean, assemble, load a gun and use it when I was in 8th grade. She wanted us to protect ourselves if it ever came to that.”

In between the program, men and women who invited their mothers to the dinner were given the chance to express their heartfelt thanks to their mothers. Some showed their appreciation with tears while some tried as much as words could.  Dr. Adamu Adisse who came with his mother, his mother in law and his two kids phrased his thanks to Temsalet saying, “I am really happy that you have provided me the chance to celebrate these two women who contributed a great deal to my life.”

The whole night was a success where mothers could sneak a peek into the hearts their children have for them.  We left the Kitchen anticipating and looking forward to their next social event, and of course their yummy dishes.






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