Teddy Afro Victim of Digital Piracy


Irrespective of your field of work how would you feel if someone steals your work and profits from it? You will be so mad not only to the person who steal your work but also to the person who bought it or used that work. Well that is what is actually happening to our artists and creative industry on a daily basis.

When the most talked about album of Teddy Afro,Ethiopia released today 500,000 CD copies were printed, to reach his diaspora fans the artist shared on his official page a link to buy his album,his fans calls for a campaign to respect the works of the artist by buying original copies.


But 6 years of waiting,fans commitment to buy original CD,online buying option didn’t stop someone from somewhere in uploading a masterpiece on youtube. For the person who will probably be teddy afro die hard fun it doesn’t matter if the album sold for 200,000 dollar what it matters is that he shared the music. Already youtube user accounts from abdroid,Bini ጨርቆስ ልጅ and Sami Aki.

Then why should one complain about the quality of works artists put out and why do we expect artist to release album as frequent as Rhianna which is mainly once a year.

I also blame the artists in not paying attention to the trends in their industry. Teddy Afro could have easily put up his album on youtube on paid version and this would have given him automatic copyright notice and strike whenever someone upload his account. Also the artist did a poor job in maintaining his website and preserving his domain in which such domains http://teddyafro.info/ are used by other persons who are known to the public.

Digital Piracy didn’t not only affect Teddy Afro but also the late Eyob Mekonen an artist who wasn’t able to afford his medical treatment and still have a family that suffers because his second album which was released after his passing was available on youtube right after its release.

Teddy may sing about love,unity and Ethiopia but how can you feel the song when you are singing with a stolen version. It is like praying on a bible you stole from someone.

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