The Brain In A Vat; The Universe, An Enormous Brain; And The Two Together, “The Universe An Enormous Brain In A Vat


Brain in a jar ” remove a person’s brain from the body, suspend it in a vat of life-sustaining liquid, and connect its neurons by wires to a supercomputer which would provide it with electrical impulses identical to those the brain normally receives”

That can’t be right, the universe can’t be an enormous brain waving along the frequency of our thoughts. For if that was, at least we would have all been marveling on some rainbow line along thoughts alike. So now I think the universe must be pieces of a brain, our brains , or the universe is just an existence we created through us. Nothing alike,no same grounds anymore …look around, see what’s happening to the world…and tell me we all share the same mind as the universe.

If we all shared bits of the same universe then what do we fight about?
If the universe is an enormous brain growing like the brain of ours with the cells alike and the revealing eyes….then what’s all the buzz about?
With all the destruction of our existence, tell me we look through the same eyes of the universe.
If the universe and our thoughts cross paths beating on the same vibe line, then why all the hate,the vengeance and the raid? simple! we don’t have the strings of the hearts attached to the center of the universe to beat for some same ground.
The universe is embodied, naked and detached.
If only we could hold hands and close the eyes and hold our breath for a second and put on some music we all can listen to …not just hear but listen …then maybe …maybe we can reach the naked universe and dress it with our thoughts or vise versa…maybe the universe will undress us from all the clouded, martial, “brainfed” thoughts.
Look around… we’re all fighting to lose
All hating for love
Killing for life
Living to die
Speaking to mislead
Guiding to lose track
Leading to failure
Following for a fall
Opening up to misunderstand
Understanding to destroy
Destroying to create a platform
A platform to gather, not
If we could just stop wandering…
If we could just stop
If we could just have a complete loud silence for a second to connect, to relate
If we could all just close our eyes wide to see
If we could just stop breathing to stop taking in all the harm
Then maybe we will understand what we’ve never understood
That we’re all star dusts of the universe just through embodiment.

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