Hidase Grand Mall


“Hedasse Grand Mall” is expected to be executed under the stock community formed by local investors. The center will be laid on 125,000sq m and the whole compound will occupy a space of 250,000sq m and would take 3Billion birr.

The Hedasse Grand mall Manager Ato Dereje Mekonnen stated that the center is going to be relatively more advanced from previous centers in Africa. The construction will take place on one of the nine places the city administration has set out.

The center will have 5,000 shops, 2 modern four-star hotels, bank and Insurance, café and restaurants as well as apartments. Aside from that, there will be a parking lot with the capacity of hosting about 8,000 vehicles.

After the completion of the center, it is said to create a permanent job opportunity for about 35,000 citizens. It will also be convenient for buyers and sellers to have all transactions at one place.

According to the Manager Ato Dereje, the construction is expected to take three years and will start giving service once finished.

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