Ethiosat Possibly To Replace Foreign Satellite Service Providers


The Information Network Security Agency (INSA) has announced plans for a single integrated satellite television platform called Ethiosat, which would “replace foreign satellite service providers” and provide a streamlined consumer experience.

The platform has been running trial programs starting from April 22 through Satelite: E8WB፣ Frequency፡ 11512፣ FEC: 2/3፣ Symbol Rate: 30Mbuad፣ Polarization: Vertical፣ Modulation: 8PSK.

Many citizens in Ethiopia have satellite dishes that provide access to international television channels as well as Amharic and Oromo language broadcasts run by diaspora groups. These channels are available through international satellite providers Nilesat, Eutelsat and others.

Under the new system, according to INSA Director-General Major General Teklebirhan Wolde-Aregay, all of the various satellite services would come together under one platform – Ethiosat. This apparently means that a consumer would buy a single subscription of bundled international services offered via Ethiosat rather than buying access to individual satellite providers.

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