Teddy Afro Still Trending


Exactly a week after Teddy Afro releasing his album single we looked back to see how his song taken social media by storm. Despite reaching over 1.6 million views in just one week there were lots of controversies and debate surrounding the song. and still counting the song was getting.

Already his new single Ethiopia has passed over 1.6 million viewership and shared 22,655 times on facebook. If the song keeps its growing viewership trend it will likely surpass Abiy Lakew popular video Yene Habesha which has got over 18 million viewership. In terms of ads revenue from youtube, Teddy Afro Ethiopia song has already generated 2,432.91 USD. For an artist that is well represented on his own social media platform, it is ironic to see his second song being leaked and uploaded on youtube even though his team can easily take it down by filing a copyright complaint.


The other interesting trend of the song is visualizing the demography of the audience. In this article, we looked out the demography of Teddy Afro trend in USA and Ethiopia.




The interesting trend from this data has been seeing Oromia as the least place to search for Teddy Afro music. This is mainly due to the encounter Tikur Sew album that has resulted with the cancellation of his concerts as a result of a boycott campaign led by Jawar Mohammed.



If we looked at the USA search trend for Teddy Afro we can easily guess Washington DC as being the top for obvious reason which is the largest Ethiopian community outside Addis Ababa is said to be based in Washington DC. The rest of the data can reflect a glimpse of where Ethiopian are mainly based in the United States along with their interest for the local audience.

Coming back to the data the top five states who searched in the past one week were Washington DC,Maryland, Virigina, Nevada and Washington.


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