Bahrain’s Al Hazeem Manpower Agency Licence Suspended Over The AD “Win An Ethiopian Maid”


A domestic recruitment agency in Bahrain that ran a competition on social media offering its followers the chance “to win an Ethiopian maid” has had its license suspended pending the outcome of an investigation.

The agency, Al Hazeem Manpower, reportedly admitted using the “wrong wording”, but had “immediately made the required changes” after becoming aware of the complaint over its Facebook campaign.

In a statement, Bahrain’s Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) said it had taken action against the Al Hazeem Manpower agency:

“Immediate measures were taken, including suspending the license of the concerned employment agency.”

The company deleted the posts containing the initial version of the offer (pictured in tweet above), with a subsequent post on Instagram having removed the offer to “win a domestic worker”.

The treatment of African domestic workers in the Gulf has been repeatedly condemned by human rights groups.

The authorities in Kuwait are reportedly investigating a video that emerged last month, showing a woman filming her Ethiopian maid falling from a seventh-floor window without attempting to help her.

 By Hugo Williams and Farouk Chothia BBC Africa

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