Teddy Afro Breaks The Blocked Ethiopian Internet


At a time were the word Ethiopia even become contagious and controversial Teddy Afro defy all odds and released his most anticipated Album Single titled Ethiopia. It takes courage for any artist to pour out his/her feelings without censoring or giving a second thought to public reaction.

Teddy Afro is not new to controversy his first confrontation came with the government and religious institutions following his popular songs like Jah Yasteserial and Shemandefer. Following that he was subjected to plenty smear campaigns and discontent from the public. His concerts were the target of a boycott and last year alone his concert were canceled three times amid nationwide protest and government fear of his popularity.

Despite all these Teddy Afro hard fans today showed how Teddy Afro can break the Ethiopian internet even though it is blocked partially. Another way of relating Teddy Afro influence is to compare him to how Beyonce stirred controversy following her Formation album. To give you some insight to his growing influence we analyzed the social media stats and performance of his new single Ethiopia which was released just four hours before this post.

Google Search

From experience, it is really hard to see any trending google search result on google trend within four hours especially when you are from Ethiopia. But that was not the case for the legendary Teddy Afro, the following snapshot from google trend for the keyword Teddy Afro Ethiopia shows a spike in traffic.

Youtube Reaction

The traffic spike and youtube reaction on Teddy Afro Youtube Channel is something every youtubers want to have. Already the video was viewed 9000 times in two hours with 1442 likes and 42 dislikes. The overall sentiment of the public is displayed in the following figure.

The top ten most used keywords and the text analysis on the video are as follows.


The announcement of Teddy Afro new single was first posted on his official facebook page account which has over 800,000 followers making him the number one most liked Ethiopian artist. In three hours of his announcement, the following figure shows the overall public reaction.

The top ten keywords used on his facebook page comment section and the top ten posters are as follows.


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