Ethiopia’s Zealous Global Leader Hiwot Adane, One Of The Intern Group’s 2017 Scholarship Winner


International internship provider The Intern Group (TIG) announced its four 2017 scholarship winners. A total of US$9,500 in program expenses will be covered by the company to facilitate international internships for these four outstanding young professionals seeking global experiences.

Short stints abroad in France and the United States fueled Hiwot Adane’s passion to pursue international professional experiences.

“I wanted to really come out of my comfort zone and advance my talents in a totally new environment by challenging myself so that I can improve my community using all the tools available,” said Adane, who hopes to use this opportunity to advance pan-Africanism and the African Union’s 2063 Agenda.

“I probably would not have applied for the Intern Group program if there wasn’t a scholarship available simply because the participation fee is high. When I found out about the Global Leadership Grant I was excited to apply because it got me a step closer to an opportunity I didn’t think was possible for me.”

Hiwot Adane Haile will be working in either an NGO or engineering internship in Hong Kong, earning real-world professional experience among leading industry professionals.

Hiwot Adane graduated from Addis Ababa University with a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Her professional experience includes working as a coding teacher with the U.S. Embassy’s Girls Can Code project and serving as a project manager for the Youth Negotiation on Climate Change Convention.

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