Zekarias Mesfin’s “Ewir Amora Kelabi”, Premieres At The African Film Festival In New York City

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Zekarias Mesfin was born in Ethiopia and orphaned at 14 years old. He’d already walked from Eritrea — where he lived when his father disappeared and his mother died — to Sudan.

He’d worked for a pittance as a barber’s apprentice, saving his meager earnings because he’d heard that with $2,000, someone would be able to sneak him into Israel.

Of the other men and women with whom he shared that goal, he’d seen many robbed by gangsters and left alone under the sweltering sun to die of dehydration.

He eventually made it to Egypt, where he was crammed into a car with other refugees. He was arrested and thrown in jail en route to his final destination.

Zekarias Mesfin, now 32, wants others to know what he went through, why he crossed borders illegally and why he’s grateful to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights and to Canada for helping him to start over.

So he wrote about his journey. Then he went back to Ethiopia where he connected with Sabisa Films, which helped turn his story into a movie.

The movie, Ewir Amora Kelabi, takes its name from a phrase, that when translated loosely, refers to a higher spiritual power guiding the lost. The film will premiere on May 5 at the prestigious African Film Festival in New York City.

He said he doesn’t want the next generation to endure the same hardships and to have to live with the pain that he carries with him every day.

To Read the full story: CBC News

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