Seasoned! The “Series” Life Of Us And The Movie Centers Feeding The Drive Of Our Eyes !


What do almost all evenings and weekends have something in common?… “People” at the internet and movie centers.

Back in the days we had to wait for a week to watch an episode of a series movie. I remember fighting with my brother over a TV channel because there were two different shows at the same time on the same day. So one of us would have to call dibs first. And that was never easy.

Nowadays, thanks to the internet and movie centers, we can have a whole season, even catch up to the latest ones and watch at our convenience. With that being said, it’s amazing how the act of getting movies after work and school has become a thing, or a mania to be specific. I remember this one time, I went to a center after work to get some movies to spend the night watching. The house was full, literally full. The girl giving the service was getting orders from here and there, so many drives plugged in, and she was loading so many of the orders at the same time and I was truly amazed by her focus. As for me, I can’t even talk on the phone while doing something else. Not only that but it’s like she got the whole movie list marked in her mind. Each of them had their own interest, yet one would hear the other order some series and a conversation would start whether it’s a good series or not, and the others would also order that to try it out. Which I also do. Long story short it has become part of the life many people lead, or part of a routine. And there’s no age limit. I have seen kids with their parents to the old people with their grandkids.

What’s interesting is that when you finish some series there will always be another one you would also like if you enjoyed the first. And the fact that all series cover almost every topic like sci-fi, law, Medicine, psychology, programming, Myths, History, politics, Music, Journalism… to name the few, We’re bound to fall into some kind of series.

So we talked to the owner of a movie center which is now branching out to places. In a way to confirm that I am not the only one.

Trios movie center is located at Friendship city center 2nd floor. Biniam Habtamu walked us through the activity of an average day. When we got to the place, it was almost full and we had to wait a bit. Trios is the center to be at for its diverse collection. What’s interesting is that while you’re at a waiting you can use Wi-Fi so it’s not much of a trouble. People from many areas come to the place for it covers the areas of their interests be it Music, Documentaries, Religious shows,  Awards, Talk shows, E-books, Kids movies, Educational shows, Ted talks, Foreign movies and many more. The center is well organized that you can get what you look for without going through much of a hustle from the catalogs and also through the viber group they announce what’s trending, to help us all catch up.

Biniyam told us that they have over 800 series all together and that up to 100 people come to the center a day in an average and that each person takes about 3 feature films and a season to say the list. Though the business is very tiring, the center is open even on holidays. They have now four branches, Sumit, Friendship, Gotera(Agona cinema) and the newly launched at bole medhanialem.

With all that being said, I’m not going to claim it is much of a bad obsession. Though I could use a lot of the time I spend watching movies reading a book, it’s also safe to say that I have come to know a lot of intriguing theories and plot twists that get the mind all worked up through the movies. This is to say the movies aren’t silly any more as they are brilliantly scripted and well put out to the screens. As long as you don’t always watch those reality shows that won’t make you question what you already know well you’re safe.

The city is jam-packed with many mini-series lives. Where again, we’re bound to find ourselves relating to a certain story or even a character. Well it wouldn’t be bad to share ideas, you can leave your comments on the series that you’re a tail to, or theories you have found to be thought-provoking and twists you didn’t see coming.

Enjoy your weekend!


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