Rotaract 101, Meet Rc Habesha And Rc Lewet


The past week have been international Rotaract week and by now you must have quite an understanding of the whole circle through the clubs we have introduced you to.

And today, another Monday, Rotaract 101 continues with Rotaract club of Habesha and Rotaract club of Lewet.

Before we go to straight to the clubs, let’s see what the Rotaractors have been upto last week. We all know about the tragedy that has happened. The “Koshe” tragedy. While many are striving to be part of the rescuing process, these Rotaractors had their agendas around the issue as well, in printing coupons to sell through different packages, finding sponsors, immediate fund raising activities, collecting clothes and the like. With this you can see that they go after current issues and whenever you feel like doing something in such cases you know exactly whom to contact.

Rotaract Club Of Habesha

  1. Club Name, Year of Establishment and Founding Members?

Rotaract Club of Habesha,

The club was established in September 21, 2007 with 25 young, professional volunteers who were part of the global association called Rotary Internationals (RI) . All have been working on community based service projects. The club was internationally recognized (chartered) on June 30, 2009 by Rotary International under district 9212 sponsored by club of Addis Ababa East Rotary club.  The club was founded by Rotarian Fikru Ayitegeb


  1. Challenges you faced when forming the club?

The major challenges the club has faced are finding a meeting place and funding our projects.

  1. Your club Slogan?

Serving Humanity

  1. How do you recruit members? Number of members now and then?


The club mainly uses social media, club projects, and trainings to recruit new members. The number of members when the club was established was around 25 currently the club has 23 active and 16 non active members.

  1. Some of the projects you have worked on?

Rotaract club of Habesha has undertaken various projects since its establishment. To mention  few.

Equip a child/ one exercise book for one child

Yearly at the beginning of school year the club donates school material aids namely exercise books, pens and pencils to orphan and vulnerable children coming from low income families.

The club sets up donation sites for people donate in kind. The people and organizations who contributed are invited to attend the event. Pictures of the donation are posted on the clubs face book page. The implementation of the project is reported to the Addis Ababa East Rotary Club.

Easter Project

The club raises funds to prepare lunch and entertainment for around 400 children. Members sell tickets and try to find sponsors to cover the cost of the event.  During the event students who got high grades are given prizes to encourage other students to excel academically as well.

Cloth donations;

The club on the occasion of the birthday of its members has donated school uniforms for around 260 students from low income families. The club had on various occasions donated clothes to different associations such as Mary Joy and Gergesenon mental patients helping institution.

Gergesonon Project (Gergesenon Elders and Mentally ill People Association)

The club has been working closely with Gergesenon since 2014 till now. The club has made shoes, clothes medical and equipment donation, developing website for the association.  Members had prepared a vegitable’s plots for the patients to take care of it as an activity. The club members have on numerous occasions prepared lunch and served for the patients there through personal contributions and donations. Members have also washed clothes and participated in events in selling tickets and other ways to support the association

Members have gone on occasions and bathed the mental patients. The club has been working closely with Gergesenon to strengthen the association and to raise funds. Even this week on Sunday the club members are going to prepare lunch for mental patients by funds attained through members personal contribution.

6.Which project do you say was a success?

All  the projects  can be said to have been a success . But if one had to be picked the club’sEquip a child project. This project has been ongoing since establishment of the club until present.

Even this year the club was able to donate school materials to 600 children from low income families.

7.What project are you currently working on? (2016/2017)

  • Equip a child
  • Gergesenon supporting more than 217 elders and mentally ill people
  • Building a library and updating the website for Gergesenon elders and mentally ill people
  • Collect books for Kegn Geta Yoftahe Neguse library
  • Speech computation

–      Providing leadership and other usefull trainings for the members

–      Establishing new interact club and work project with them

–  We have also established a new club in Awassa (Rotary club of Ha Geez Habesha)  this year.

–  Mentoring three interact club one from Addis Ababa and two from Awassa


  1. Awards Received?

We received awards from Rotary D9212 Conference and Assembly and also the club has received many certificates from different governmental and non governmental institutions recognizing the contributions made by the club.


  1. What do you prioritize?

All the clubs projects and actions are guided by the four way test.

  1. Is it the truth?,
  2. Is it fair to all concerned?
  3. Will it build goodwill and better friendship?
  4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned?


  1. What is your club’s signature event?

Gergesenon, speech computation and Nubuna Tetu fellowship


  1. Professional Development programs you hosted?
  • First aid training
  • Introduction to Enneagram
  • Leadership
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Hateta Ze Zera Yacoub (Discourse on Zera Yacoub)
  • Different guest speakers

Rotaract induction training

The club has given induction trainings to prospective members from different clubs.  This training covered the general briefing about Rotaract, Rotary clubs, the structure as well as experience sharing among the different clubs.

  1. Long term goals for the club?

The general goal of rotaract is to serve the community through fellowship. To produce member who are  successful professionals and Bussines persons to join Rotary  and make great contribution to solving the problems in the community. Towards this end five former members of Rotaract club of Habesha have joined Rotary club of Addis Ababa East. These members are serving the Rotary club under different capacities.


Rotaract Club Of Lewet

  1. Club Name, Year of Establishment and Founding Members?

Rotaract Club of Lewet

Established in 2004

  1. Inspiration behind forming the club, and the name of your club?

Addis Hiwot, is the founding President of the now Rotaract Club of Lewet who founded the club in 2003. Her dedication and passion for volunteerism lured her to meet Rotaract Club of Mella who used to meet at AAU, 6 kilo campus. With the will to serve and a strong sense of belief in the values of Rotary and of Rotaract she organized an information session with Mella who gave their full support in providing training on Rotaract and how to establish a club.

Finally, with her and four other founding members, Biniam, Yordanos, Elisabeth and Dawit, the club started its routes with fully functional Board of Directors and began meeting and established itself as a University Based Club in AAU, 4 Kilo, and College of Natural Science Campus. Hence, they gave the club the name of “Lewet” meaning “Change” that describes the very essence of what Rotary strives to achieve– bringing positive change in the lives of its community through service above self.

After a year of fellowship and service to its community, Rotaract Club of Lewet received its chartering certificate from Rotary International under the sponsorship of its now mother club the Rotary Club of Addis Ababa West and became officially chartered as member of Rotary International in 2004.

  1. Challenges You Faced when forming the club?


The Commitment and sustainability of members while trying to understand the loyalty, passion and commitment needed in understanding the vastness of Rotary was a major challenge. But now we are 12 years and stronger than ever!

  1. Your club Slogan?

“Volunteerism through Change”

  1. What Rotaract Means specifically to your club?


Rotaract is a way of life.  The umbrella that holds us together. Our friendship, our professional development and community service, international network and global unity are all inscribed under this great organization that we love and cherish called Rotaract. Join us and be part of a lifetime experience.

  1. How do you recruit members? Number of members now and then?

We look for the need and passion to serve freely in the community when we look for a member; we see also the drive for personal growth and development through the process coupled with the ethics and character of recognizing and respecting the rights of others. Finally someone who is willing to abide by Rotary’s : Four way Test”


  1. Some of the projects you have worked on?

Which project do you say was a success?

What project are you currently working on?

Title: “Water is Life” Hygiene and Sanitation Awareness and Implementation

The Club launched its current project under the Water and Sanitation areas of focus, entitled WATER IS LIFE by creating hygiene awareness and implementation of effective sanitation tools to needy schools in Addis Ababa. With the ever growing problem of contamination of the schools water systems with the merging of the sewage system creating mortality in children every year, the community service team gives awareness on Hygiene and Sanitation tools, and gives demonstrations on effective hand washing to avoid water borne diseases.  It also gives out sanitary tools to the kids and got the training on the highly effective water flirtation systems by partnering with Splash International which installs in the schools to provide clean water access. The club finally signed an MOU and officially launched the project as its signature project through the funding supported in partnership the Rotary Club of Lake Union, Seattle, USA.

Title: TO YENETA: Back to School Project

This is one of the long running projects of Lewet, which is under the Basic Literacy and Education areas of focus, which covers the tuition fees and school supply costs of children who can’t afford to, buy and are skipping school. With the strong belief that no kid should skip school and is a basic necessity to survive and become the future generation of leaders, the club does  a background needs assessment, purchases the school supplies and donates to the beneficiaries on time before the school year begins every year. In the year 2014, the need was greater to which the club made the decision to send in 500 kids to school in four target schools located in Addis Ababa. By organizing a fundraising project in August and September in which the club donated 80,000 birr worth of school supplies to 500 children in four school districts  covering the tuition fees for the entire 2014/15 school year.

Title: Autism Awareness and Rehabilitation Project

In partnership with the ‘Joy Center Foundation’ Rotaract Club of Lewet engages its annual project to create awareness about Autism by the motto ‘I CARE! DO YOU?. With a lot of gaps in the society in the lack of awareness about the disease and in that it can be managed, thousands of children are left stranded making the progress worse creating heavy mental and Psychological disorders. Lewet supports the foundation which is the only one in East Africa by engaging in teaching, rehabilitation, and physiotherapy of the children as well as organizing major public relations and awareness campaigns in the form of trainings, walks and mass media engagement supporting the foundation.


Title: TB prevention Environmental Project

This is one of the annual projects of the club which focuses on Disease prevention and the environment by supporting the rehabilitation of patients that are diagnosed with Tuberculosis at the Saint Peters Hospital. In addition to creating awareness on the disease, the club donates medical supplies, cloth and basic necessities to the patients in addition to planting trees and maintaining the environment of the hospital which is important in helping the healing process of the disease which is preventable by creating a healthy environment which is important in combating the disease.

  1. Awards Received?
  • Rotaract Ethiopia Country Leadership Award for Outstanding Club Service (2014)
  • Rotaract Ethiopia Country Leadership Award for Outstanding Rotary Engagement (2014)
  • Outstanding Professional Development Award (2015)
  • Outstanding Fundraising and Financial Management Award (2015)
  • Outstanding Public Relations (Newsletter and Website) Award (2015)
  • Excellence in Reporting Award (2015)
  • Outstanding Public Relations Award (2016)
  • Individual Leadership Awards for contributing members for the positions of Country Chair (2013/14), Country Fundraising Director (2014/15), Assistant District Rotaract Representatives (2013/2016) and District Rotaract Representative (2016/17)


  1. What do you prioritize?

Professional Development and Community Service


  1. What is your club’s signature event?

“Water is Life” Community Service Project (Water and Sanitation Areas of Focus)

“To Yeneta” Community Service Project (Literacy and Education Areas of Focus)

“Christmas Fellowship” Club Service Project (Fellowship)

“Hagergina Cultural Fellowship” Club Service Project

“2 Yeneta Annual Fundraising Drive” Raised over 300,000 Birr in the last two years


  1. Professional Development programs you hosted?

Title: Professionalism and Carrier Development Training

Lewet not only strives to address the challenges of its community but creates the path for the personal and professional development of its members to enable them to be productive citizens of the society. This is one of its annual projects which falls under the vocational month of Rotary by organizing trainings on major topics of professional CV building (the winning CV), Interviewing skills and FAQ’s, job search, corporate ethics and professional goal settings to its members creating carrier building platforms in partnership with corporate firms and recruiting agencies such as Ethiojobs making sure that the path of its student body and graduating members are realized. The training provides the essential tools on current prospects on how to go up the professional ladder creating opportunities for members to grow and become able professionals giving BIGGER, BOLDER and BETTER service to their communities as well.

Long term goals for the club?

To be the leading community service and professional development provider with multiple projects under its wing, establish long term partnerships with governmental and nongovernmental organizations; build a “Lewet” club center for its meetings and fellowships.

For more information and pictures kindly visit

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Have a Good week, and make sure you lend a hand!



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