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We are living in a busy world striving to catch up to the best of what we can achieve, but with so much to do and the little time we seem to have we fail to accomplish some of the things just because we can’t be at too many places at a time. At the meantime, many with so much talents to share yet couldn’t find the platform where they could meet their needs.

As we always do, introducing you to groups, products, services and the like that can help you simplify your ways, today we bring you Tatarri. Creating the platform where those in need of extra hands and where those hands in need of tasks could meet.

Tatarri is a project aimed to address the youth’s financial problems and at the same time to simplify the lives of people who are highly occupied with work. This project was inspired by the current situation in our universities and colleges; our society hasn’t designed a system for the youth to be able to do minimal time consuming work while they’re on their education so they would be able to satisfy their basic needs with the money they’ll earn.

The youth (age 18-35) who are mostly found in High schools, Universities and Colleges don’t have a way of getting small but quick cash needed to cover basic needs and necessities (part time jobs, one time tasks, chores, ..)

Currently, there are online platforms for jobs both online and the traditional way (through agents) but either they provide long term jobs or they profit too much from the task.

Tatarri gives you a place to outsource tasks and chores you don’t want to take care of or don’t have the time for and connects you with energetic and vetted young people who have what it takes to do your chores with a reasonable and fair price.

As Tatarri targets on benefiting the youth financially and simplifying the lives of people (taskers), it will impact both sides of the society:

 Students or Youngsters who’ll use this service will get financial freedom to fulfill their basic needs.

 Currently, as employment is a big issue in Ethiopia, Tatarri will provide a better option for recent graduates who are idle and without a job.

 For organizations, Tatarri will contribute to the companies’ effectiveness. It will allow the staff to focus more on the main objectives and visions of their company and it’ll give them a room to breathe.

 In general, Tatarri will change the working system for good to the better; Only sustainable jobs will stop being the only source of income; the youth will be familiar with the idea of earning money from a small task and spending time helping both themselves and the society; and the rest of the society will learn to work and collaborate with the youth better.

The primary revenue stream is through Subscription. When the youth (taskers) register to use the service, they’ll be charged 20 ETB to stay on the platform for 4 months.

When mobile banking comes to be popular and functional in Ethiopia, The revenue stream will be subscription + commission based.


About the Founders

Amanuel Lemma : Co-founder & Managing Director of Stavimer, Business Development Manager of the creative students organization, Jret and an Active participant in AIESEC.

 Melat Habtemariam : Marketing Director of Flowius, Multimedia Specialist of YALDA (Youth Alliance & Leadership for Development in Africa) and a Communication Intern at Iceaddis.

They already started piloting the project, after competing with more than a 100 projects, they were able to be selected as one of the 20 digital projects that have promising ideas and strong impacts on the society. Hence, they’ve gotten a seed funding to run the pilot project from Reach for Change.

The team has been working on the updated version of the website but in the meantime, more than 20 clients have assigned tasks to youngsters through Tatarri and this was achieved with no marketing or publicizing effort from them.



Contact info

 Amanuel Lemma


Tel +251924144733

Melat Habtemariam


Tel +251960160496


Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Tel +251960160496



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