Rotaract 101: Meet RC Wodiyamado And RC Abo CHER


As promised Rotaract 101 continues. Here we are on a Monday with two Rotaract clubs sharing their experiences throughout the years within their clubs.

Just to remind you,

These Rotaract clubs are formed by young people with nothing but a will to lend a hand to lift those up in need. The clubs are of students, people with full time jobs and some even having both going on, yet, they commit themselves to this good deed with the little time they have hoping for nothing but a better state of our society in return. Paying it forward and striving to create a chain of generation that gives back.

Here’s again how some of the members of different clubs define Rotaract from what it personally means to them:

“A system of interesting individuals working towards life changing projects.” Zadig Serawit Negussie, Rotaract Club of Habesha

“Rotaract to me is a place where I can be myself. With beautiful friendship, a place to learn, grow, serve my community and have the best of experience throughout my life.” Bezawit Demmise, Rotaract club of Wodiyamado

“Rotaract to me is an opportunity to experience growth, service and leadership while being surrounded by like-minded individuals who, motivate and inspire me.” Ethiopis Tadesse, Rotaract club of Abocher


Meet RC Wodiyamado And RC Abo CHER


Rotaract club of Wodiyamado


  1. Club name, year of establishment and founding members?

Rotract Club of Wodiya Mado was officially Chartered on Feb 20, 2010 by Some of the founding members  Bezawit Alemayehu, Rezene G/Silase, Beza Getnet and Mehiret.


  1. Inspiration behind forming the club, and the name of your club?

 The name “Wodiya mado “means “Beyond the Horizon” it’s meant to be measure of how far we want our dreams and goals to reach out, to how far we want our prints to walk ahead of us, far enough for the next generations to have something to grasp.

  1. Challenges you faced while forming the club?

Membership was the biggest challenge we faced, people did not understand the concept of Rotaract and what it stands for, convincing people and asking them to join the club, to be committed to a volunteer activity was such a challenge since the formation of the club.

  1. Your club slogan?

 “For Ethiopian Footprints we remain!”

  1. What Rotaract means especially to your club?

Rotaract to us means love, friendship, service, self development, leadership and making the world a better place.

  1. How do you recruit members? Number of members now and then?

Interested people attend our meetings, coffee times, fellowships, Community service projects as well as trainings and if they grow even more interested and want to be part of the club then we have them commit through meetings, giving them roles and responsibilities then they get to be inducted to be a lifetime member of the club.


  1. Some of the projects you have worked on? Which project do you say was success? What project are you currently working on?


Community Service project:

RC Wodiyamado mainly works on education and kids, our club’s signature project was a tutoring program; we tutor students in different schools every week with scheduled programs.

The current project we are working on is on a school called “yeka terara primary school”, street kids learning at a governmental school. We provided school materials at the beginning of the year and now we are working along some sponsors to provide a uniform for the kids. This is still a work in progress.

International service project:

As an international service project we participated on a project called “smile project” with Rotaract clubs around the world. Rotaract club of Wodiyamado was a representative for Ethiopian Rotaract clubs.


  1. Awards received?

We have received an award for “Improved club of the year on 2014/15”

  1. What do you prioritize?

Friendship, Development and Service


  1. What is your club signature Project?

As we motioned above RC wodiyamado works on education and kids so our signature project is tutoring the students with a detailed and scheduled program.


  1. Professional Development programs you hosted?

We hosted Photoshop training to Photoshop enthusiasts and Website development.


  1. Long term goal for the club?

We plan to do sustainable projects, to make the club greater and have members that are committed so that we can achieve our goals.

RC wodiyamado celebrated their 7 year anniversary on Sunday, February 19th 2017.

“It was a night where it felt more like a rebirth than a celebration of the past years. Cheering to the stepping stones that led us to that exact moment and at the same time carving ways to another seven years ahead, feasting to the “familyship” not only with those in the club but along fellow Rotaractors, all the good people celebrating each steps we took, it was just beyond what any of us saw coming. The anniversary was our way of renewing our vows into stretching out beyond the horizons and maintain the Ethiopian footprints.” Wodiyamado.


Meeting place: Viola language center

Coffee time: every Tuesday at friendship café starting from 6:00pm

Contact info:



0922866338/ 0922471680



Rotaract Club Of Abo CHER

  1. Club Name, Year of Establishment and Founding Members?

Abo Cher Rotaract club

Established on July 31, 2016

Founding members:

  • Eldad Mekonnen
  • Ethiopis Tadesse
  • Meron Berhanu
  • Afomiya Altaye
  • Hikma Mohammed
  • Dagmawit Mesfin
  • Eyuael Solomon
  • Bemnet Taye
  • Sofonyas Ghirmai
  • Mahlet Desalegn
  • Simon Tesfaye
  • Helen Endalkachew
  • Leykun Birhanu
  • Hayat Asmamaw


  1. Inspiration behind forming the club, and the name of your club?

We wanted to give back to the community in an organized and meaningful way. We know we have a lot to offer and so we needed a platform to make the greatest impact.

Our club’s name ‘Abo Cher’ is derived from two words. ‘Abo’ refers to a colloquial term used to signify making somethings easy. ‘Cher’ means good, kind, thoughtful. So by putting these two together, ‘Abo Cher’, we mean to say that doing good easy and so let’s do it.


  1. Challenges you Faced while forming the club?
  • Lack of commitment
  • Other responsibilities like school



  1. Your club Slogan?

‘We do because we care’

  1. What Rotaract Means specifically to your club?

Rotaract is a place we all come together to be the best versions of ourselves. We share ideas, encourage one another and work in harmony for a greater good. We have developed a bond that goes beyond what we expected and we are committed to building something great.


  1. How do you recruit members? Number of members now and then?

Most of our members are from Unity University since the club was formed there. Although it is community based. Each member has a duty to tell their friends, classmates and to all they believe would be interested in Rotaract. We started out with about 30 members and now we are running steady with 25.


  1. Some of the projects you have worked on? What project are you currently working on?

Since we are a new club we are just starting our projects. Our signature project is the Juvenile Detention Support. We will be starting a sports club, book club, dance club and also planting trees to improve the state of the detention center. There are over 130 children all under the ages of 15 in this Juvi. We are optimistic that we can make a change in their lives.

The other projects we have running are book donation to needy students in high schools and  street project where we feed and clothe homeless children around Abyot Adebabay


  1. Awards Received?

None yet


  1. What do you prioritize?

We are now prioritizing out signature project as it has never been done in Rotaract and it’s a big undertaking.

  1. What is your club’s signature event?

We don’t have one yet.

  1. Professional Development programs you hosted?


  1. Long term goals for the club?

It is hard to sustain a new Rotaract club. It is our duty to set the foundation so that our club lasts long and makes the impact it needs to make. This is what we are working on now. Not on recruitment but on retention of existing members and to make sure that everyone understands what we stand for and what we hope to achieve.

  1. Anything you would like to add…

We are truly humbled and delighted to be a part of the Rotaract family.

Meeting place : Morning Star mall 5th floor xHub (next meeting is on the 26th)

Coffee time: every Saturday at Bole mini starting from 4:00pm

Contact info: 0913066582 / 0962180324

Stay tuned for more clubs to come in the coming weeks, until then make sure you talk yourself  into ways of giving back to your society while you still can.

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