Is God Sexist?

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By-Mahider Work

I don’t believe the religious world is a fair world. I came to learn how far human beings have gone to manipulate what I believe is a good thing. I believe that all religious beliefs have a good and positive foundation that guides human beings into a righteous being. But in the whole process of making a good path, we have created a system that is just a weapon to rule and manipulate humankind. One may assume at this point that I am a Godless person but I am not. I am just a woman who believes that we don’t have to be forced to believe things that don’t make sense.

I came to make a God that I understand better. I did so to save my sanity as reality, and religious thoughts and expectations were often contradicting. And the contradiction was becoming frequent as I lived a day longer. The very fact that I had a lot to ask about various teachings and beliefs and that I couldn’t because it was unquestionable because asking was like testing God and that is punishable by eternal hellfire or the sort is just scary. And so, I was often told not to ask too much.

My perspective shocked and offended “believers” so quickly. For instance, we live in a world where we have often thought man is superior to a woman. This is one of the unquestionable and obvious fact as several religious books and teachings say so. A woman is seductive and makes men sin. The story traces back to the time of creation where Eve had to ruin everything for man and later for the whole human kind. So, a woman is blamed for it all; a woman is thus cursed with menstruation(unclean) and labor. I believe man is as responsible as a woman is to be thrown out of heaven. Think about it. First, he was there before her which means he is her elder so he should have known better than to blame a woman who speaks to a snake. Second, why was there a talking snake in heaven? I just always thought it was a perfect and safe place. I could go on but I would rather not.

I know the issue of religion is extremely sensitive and so I will not go through the details of my journey to my current perspective in hopes of not offending anyone. So, allow me to generalize my thoughts in the matter to avoid pointing fingers to any one religion. I believe in divinity, good and evil; I believe God whatever name we give him is good and just even if the world we live in makes it hard to say so. And evil is evil. And life is often about the choice we make, to choose good or bad .it is often about choosing If we can live a balanced life or we lose the balance and give into evil. This brings as to spirituality.

I choose to be spiritual rather than religious. I do have friends who have long given up in the religious system and the whole spiritual existence, which is another choice too. For me, being religious insists that one belongs to one religion and its doctrines while being spiritual means acknowledging a higher being and being at peace with what is (to balance all in life, to avoid losing the balance and end up in one or more extreme side). And so, I don’t think am unclean or a man’s weakness because am a woman. The man is weak because he chose to be weak. A woman is not less of a man because of who she is but because a man had created a delusion for all to think so without question, it was a God-given thing. And that is the end of all problems. Religious thoughts influencing cultural and traditional beliefs shouldn’t be a reason to belittle and undermine women who are the backbone of human existence. It shouldn’t be a reason for chaos and unnecessary division a platform for unfairness and inequality amongst human kind because it was there to bring peace and love in the first place at least that is what I think.

So, my God is good and just. He doesn’t force me to follow rules I don’t get just out of fear.  I believe in goodness and that he doesn’t want me to live in daily fear. My God wants me to accept nature with all its diversity. I choose not to manipulate or be manipulated for the natural diversity we all hold to exist. I want to try and keep the balance, however, challenging. I refuse to insult other people’s intelligence and vies verse. I want a God that makes sense in the world we live. I strongly believe that women shouldn’t give in to ideas and teachings that directly or indirectly makes us bow down to men for their weakness without question.   We are as entitled to live life to its fullest as men.

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