BARMAN/ The “Human Journal” series


Part 1

I had a seat by the corner where the lighting was much dimmer, with my “custom made drink.” I love beer, I craved wine and well I didn’t mind some lemon. And so I had it all in one. The last seat by the bathroom it was, or a “make out booth”, never managed to tell the two apart with all the…well anyways the bar is a very interesting place to spend your every evening at. If you don’t have anything better to do, whiiiiiiiich I doubt! Or you wouldn’t be here reading this either. Anyways you get to see the part you don’t know about the people you know.  Some come to know, some to un’know, some to see some to un’see , some to learn some to empty themselves. Where do I stand in all that? Well it’s kinda complicated. I come to this bar to see what people know of, and to learn about what they have missed, to empty myself from all the drama and to fill my soul with flames and drinks.

Buuuuuut, I make sure I stay as far away as I can from the barman. Why? Well I am not fond of Diaries, or as some would like to call it, not to sound too dramatic, a “journal”.  Which is basically the same thing.

The thing is, the “barman” is literally a human journal. How ? Well let me tell you about a night…

So as I write,

There is a young man I have never seen before all alone by the center of the barman’s table. A couple just right next to him. And some people I can neither see nor read their faces.

He was looking down, God knows at what, when the barman approached him,

“What can I get you sir?”

The guy, okay let’s call him the beginner, since it’s his first night here or probably anywhere like this place.

“What can I get you sir?” asked the barman playing with his mixer.

“Hmmmmm, I’ll just have some Tonic,” replied the beginner not looking up.

Barman: “Ah! You must be new here.”

Beginner: “What gave me away?”

Barman: “Well, that’s not how it works here, normally, people walk in, start telling me their stories and well I mix’em drinks to straighten out their emotions.”

Beginners: “Then why did you ask for my order?”

Barman: “ Ah! You have a point, I think I was just being polite or or or…that’s actually how I tell the new ones apart from the others. But anyways , I got you, till you start pouring your day out, I’ll just go get you something.” He winked.

The beginner was not impressed at all.

The barman came back with a tall, narrow, chilled glass and placed the ice cubes in. He then added 3 ounces gin,4 ounces tonic water, then some lime juice.

Stirring well, “ This should do you well.” he smiled.

Beginner: “I just want my tonic man, I had a long day and the last thing I want is to explain myself over a drink, damn, not even a damned barman understands what I need out of a damned drink,” before he knew it, he was blabbing.

Barman: “ Aaaaaand that is how things work around here.” He was adding garnish with lime wedge to the mix.

Beginner: “ No, nooo, I just want a quite night, I don’t want to talk or any cheesy stuff, no one would get me even if I do anyway, so can I have my drink or should I seek for it over some bridge?”

Barman: “heeeey hey! There you go, have some of that and I’ll get back to you with something, hmmm, deeper?”

He was off to the next couple,

He called them the sinful duet.

Well they were those couple who met at that exact spot while trying to escape from their partners.

To be continued….

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