Garden Of Coffee, Where You Meet Your soulcoffee!


Garden of Coffee is chosen to embody the image that evoked the birth of coffee, the literal Garden Of Eden that Ethiopia is and which gifted coffee to the world.

“ How could we give a more unique and dynamic coffee experience to coffee lovers worldwide , one that captures both the VITAL uniqueness of not only our beloved Ethiopian coffees but also  the magical artisan culture that envelops them – from the bean growing to its selection and on through to its magical hand roasting?”  was the vital question that  excited and daunted the team.

Bethlehem Tilahun, her driving passions as an entrepreneur is always about sharing Ethiopian cultures with the world , and finding exciting ways to keep these cultures vibrant and fully relevant. She began Garden of Coffee so that people everywhere can experience the magic of hand-roasted Ethiopian coffees, roasted at their source by Ethiopia’s finest coffee artisans.

Garden of Coffee is the antithesis of  factory roasting. They source ​the finest ​beans direct from the people who grow them .  Then these beans are  reselected by the team of  the world’s finest artisan hand roasters ​who then prepare and roast them with the greatest of care in the same manner that’s been perfected here in Ethiopia for millennia—- by hand, watching , smelling ​and hearing every single ​​bean  roast.

She designed the café-roastery with her creative team , and it was crafted to allow people to inhabit the world of  Garden of Coffee .The interactive 7,000 square feet space provides  coffee lovers  with an immersive and all-sensory environment where they can deepen their appreciation and understanding of Ethiopian coffee, the Ethiopian artisan craft of hand roasting  and the brewing some of the most unique coffees from around Ethiopia.

This café-roastery serves as the Launchpad for what is our global rollout of Garden of Coffee café-roastery’s  that will showcase our unique coffee cultures  to coffee lovers worldwide.

The Team has been perfecting the roasting techniques for almost 2 years internally. They have invested a 7 figure sum and will be profitable end of Year 1 .

“By end of year 1 we will have a team of 50 with each team member earning on average the equivalent salary to a bank management employee!” said Bethlehem.

They have a team of 17 of the best hand roasting artisans in Ethiopia. With a plan to grow to a team of 40 of the finest  hand roasting artisans   by the end of this year.

Currently They are offering 6  Ethiopian single origins.  The  artisan coffee crafting techniques they use are often multi-generational skills passed from parent to child , most often Mother to daughter, and which have flourished here in Ethiopia for millennia.

The team is also opening stand alone Garden of Coffee ateliers where people can come and experience the magic of their hand roasting while enjoying related foods and products  .

The Boutiques allow people to order live roasted coffee for immediate consumption or for take away consumption at home. There are some interesting technology elements being built into the boutiques that will create a very exciting experience.

“Ethiopia is home to THOUSANDS of undiscovered varietals and we intend to let our customers experience many of them. This promises to be a most amazing journey.” Bethlehem Tilahun.


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