Be Part Of The Yellow Valentine’s, May Your Love Reach Out To Many


The youth is taking over all around the world, carving steps leaving their marques so others could follow and later on lead as well. They have the most to say and they are not by any means held back by the barricades people have set upon their quests. There are lots of “Hidden figures” out there, with their beautiful minds roving off streets and through undergrounds, Women with the universe as a mind and yet couldn’t shine or are left darkened by inhumanity catastrophe . It’s not always that we come across night gazers with their lights on, roving around streets, corners, to lift these souls up, not always do we have sound people magnifying the voices of others and mirroring their needs.

And that’s where the drives behind The Yellow Movement come in, with their signature move Valentine’s Day fundraising.

The yellow movement, a campaign established in 2011 by Addis Ababa University law school students and their lecturer, is all about being the voice and the path women need to speak through and walk on with the aim of eradicating gender based violence.

With 35 core members and many more volunteers as well as supporters online and off, working in partnership with the Gender office Addis Ababa University, They have come a long way from the start line.

The Yellow Movement Valentine’s Day fundraiser first took place in 2013 with 500 flowers donation and the movement was able to raise 4000 ($200) Ethiopian Birr by selling the flowers at Addis Ababa University Main Campus. The following year, they added one more location and took their fundraising to the streets of 4kilo. That year, they were able to raise 42,000 ($2,000) Ethiopian Birr. In February of 2015, they expanded even more; by delivering large bouquets to businesses and persons who made larger donations. That year they raised 107,000 ($5,000) Ethiopian Birr and launched ‘The Yellow Movement Scholarship Fund’. Finally, in 2016, with the support of Global Shapers Addis and U.S. Embassy, they expanded to over six location and with dozens more deliveries they raised 168,000 Birr ($8,000).

The team is back for this year’s valentine’s day with the aim to reach 200,000Birr and they are calling out for everyone to be part of this humanity capsule. And it can be done in these 3 simple ways.

1.Go to their selling location and buy from the Yellow Movement Love shop

2.Fill out the Google form they have prepared and have them deliver to your loved ones or your business. (This is only available for donations over 1,500 birr – and forms can be requested at )

3.They have an online crowd funding option this year as well hoping to raise 1,200 USD so spread the word and do follow their updates on their TheYellowMovementAau

May your love reach out to many as you take part in this movement. SPEAK UP-LIFT UP!

To know more about the team and the movement :TheYellowMovementAau

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