Ato Sira/ A Job Aggregator Making It Easier For Job Seekers


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Today’s issue is on a job aggregator app Ato Sira. Here follows an interview with the founder of the app Elias Tsegaye.

A.I  What differentiates Ato Sira from other job websites in Ethiopia?

Elias: Ato Sira is not a job board, That is, we have no staff engaged in collecting and feeding data to the system. Ato Sira is more of an aggregation system which collects jobs from different sites in country. I think this is the first Job aggregator in the country. This has two advantages, first of  job seekers are able to find all jobs on the same site, second, Ato Sira’s notification system will help you not to miss any important  jobs in your field.

A.I What services does Ato Sira offer?

Elias:Well, the major features we are offering right now are as follows

Aggregation: Jobseekers simply input keywords, and Ato Sira  will find jobs that match the keywords

Email notification: Once you register on Ato Sira, you will get notifications of jobs through your email.

However, We plan to add more interesting features and also partner with other employment organizations to help young people live good lives.

A.I How will Ato Sira help job seekers in the country?

Elias: Well, as I said before, it will significantly reduce the time you spend searching for jobs. Instead of reading through ads from different websites on a daily basis, the job seeker will be able to get relevant jobs on a single page, or even through email.

We want to help Ethiopian young people to find jobs easily and without much hassle. As you probably know, the nation is a young one with hundreds of thousands of youth graduating, and we think this is an opportunity for the country if exploited.

A.I Have faced any challenges while running Ato Sira?

Elias: Yes of course, Apart from the technical difficulty of building  the software, there was the issue of internet connection fluctuation. Also, finding time for such a project while also working in a full time job was a challenge. In addition, the seed fund market in the country is rudimentary, and one has to fund any project from one’s pocket.

Another challenge is the number of people on the internet. Since our product offering is mainly through the internet, it requires that a large part of the population have access to internet. However, due to reasons, the number has been less than satisfactory, and we could not get services to as many people as we liked. But, we are still grateful to be doing the little we are doing.

A.I What is your business model?

Elias: To tell the truth our initial Advertisement based model has been an utter failure, so now we just want people to use our system for free. We are planning to monetize with new features we will be adding for enterprise customers in the future.  Right now we are focused on building something that we hope helps people live an easier life. Once we add value, monetizing will be a lot easier.

A.I Who are the founders of your company?

Elias:  I started Ato Sira , and some friends have helped with advice and technical assistance. Lelaw wondimu, Nebiou yirga gami and Kidist from Xhub assisted a lot with front end and business advice, but I am currently promoting this with Rahel Tesfaye from Persistence technologies. We are also planning to partner with United technology solutions to provide even more services.

A.I what would you like to say to other entrepreneurs and young people in your country.

Be tough.What I mean is that although the environment is very tough on entrepreneurs and even normal people, Young people can still win through  grit, resourcefulness and tenacity.

And things are going to get easier, just look at the incubators that are popping up in Addis. Xhub, Ice addis, and now Bluemoon.

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