Aser Park, Giving Life To Our City


In a city of total crowd madness, where construction of the whole city has taken over from one corner to the another end, covering all areas and leaving no space for residents to stop and relax at some point, with all the weather conditions, there happens to be almost no public open space just to offer recreation and green space to residents. Or we could say there’s no life to the city as well. One has to drive out of town to enjoy a resting weekend, to catch a fresh air or to even take the mind off the hustle as City parks play a large role in sculpting cites for good and shaping positive futures for residents and visitors alike.

In all the developed areas, Parks are a crucial part of any community. They have a significant impact on the development of children and the happiness of everyone in the neighbourhood. The abundance of flat, dark surfaces made up of asphalt and concrete in cities creates what is known as the urban heat island effect. This makes urban neighbourhoods noticeably warmer than other nearby areas, and is a major factor in smog creation. Even a small increase in the number of trees in the neighbourhood can reduce this effect. It can be virtually eliminated from cities through a combination of increased park space and green roofs. Strategic planting of trees and vegetation.

With all that in mind, Aser Construction PLC, one of the Grade I contractors in Ethiopia, constructed a public park in the capital city, Addis Ababa.

IMG_4828 IMG_4830 IMG_4833

The park includes playgrounds, bathrooms, parking area, cafeteria, access to internet, music sound system, surveillance cameras and a fountain. It is decorated in a way it reflects our African pedigrees with all the paintings and crafts on the walls.

IMG_4826 IMG_4834 IMG_4835


Looking forward for many more projects, a way of giving life to our city, the residents and visitors, we here await for the day this park officially opens for public use.



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