Battle Of The Times, The D-Pad To Your City. All You Need To Know About The Newly Launched Game.


We’re used to playing games on foreign grounds personified within foreign characters, exploring the realms we don’t belong to. COD, GTA, HALO series, Assassin’s creed, Fallout, Pokémon go, you name it. The games being the best to get hooked by, we play through a story line we are not really present at, not to mention, again, that we are characterized by a foreign figure.

May you be introduced to “The battle of times”, With the moto “play your city, play your future” , the newly launched game takes place on our own grounds, through a story lineage we own and where we’re actually embodied by figures we are of progenies.

The game is a location based game that allows us to explore the very city we think we know. Throughout months let alone years, we could see how fast all the overhaul takes over, where it’s hard to preserve the present let alone the past.

The project aims to combine the concept of gaming with city planning and urban development within social, economic and cultural aspects of a growing city, influencing people’s natural design for socializing, learning, mastery, competition, achievement, status, self-expression and many more.

“In the case of Addis Ababa, one of the major challenges it’s facing is the balance between preservation of its past history, the accommodation of the existing dwellers’ need and the expression in the future of Addis. So the game has a part to portrait how Addis came to being, how it is changing and how it will look in the future.” Addressed the developers.

Goethe-Institut was jam-packed by tech fanatics, gamers, Medias and    yesterday night, January 26th where the team officially launched the game with the developers, the German gamification consultant Christoph Deeg and the very well-known Ethiopian Singer Betty G. who narrated the story line at the opening in partnership with EiABC, Kebet Eske Ketema and D5.

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At the same time, a very communicative and perceptive trailer was displayed in correspondence to the game, starring Betty G., Directed by Hiwot Admasu and edited by Henok Legesse.


About the Game:


The game came to life from the very point of a concept Under the title “Gamify your City-Future!” led by a group of Ethiopian Architects, Engineers, Photographers, Designers and IT experts, supported by German gamification Consultant Christoph Deeg.

Story line:

Long before no befores, no nows and no afters; long before the four elements came to being, long before the existence of the microcosm and macrocosm, the three children of Time (“ዘመን”) lived together in eternity. They lived in harmony in which the eldest provided lessons, the youngest provided faith and the middle seized the moment. But with the aging of their father tension started to build between them.

The Game:

The game is characterized by three realms or children of time. The mighty past, Lady present and the Great future.

Grounding the story line, after the death of their father, the Mighty past claimed he should be the next ruler of eternity because he was the source of all memory, experience and wisdom of time. whereas the second child “the present”, claimed she should take over because she was the true child of time and without her nothing could truly exist as the mother of change, choice, chance and the only place for action. Finally, the last child “The Future”, he should be the heir to his father’s throne as he’s the only motive of life.

The mighty past is characterized by a well-built elder man being righteous, reserved and stubborn with the motto “Never Change”. He’s known for being a survivor, having gone through many eons, he’s into riddles and parables. As a player if you happen to follow this character you must be a socializer. And you must know, he hates the future, cares yet doubts the present.

The Mighty Past


Wherein lady present, is a beautiful young mother, insightful, sensible yet a bit selfish with the motto “make it suitable”. She’s known for her socialization and like to live through services and novels. If you follow this lady, make sure you’re an achiever, as she cares about the future and is concerned about the past.

Lady Present

As for the Great Future, he is a handsome young man who’s fearless, free spirited and unconsciously self-centered with the motto “change or die”.  He’s an achiever, having been a descendant, he strives to explore the unknown through science and puzzles. Are you and explores? Because that’s what it takes for you to follow him. Keeping in mind the he disregards the past and manipulates the present.

The Great Future

The gaming app leads the user friendly to 120 places in Addis Ababa, digitally and through analog space. The player is then given different tasks to solve, from quizzes to an actual daring deeds. Players are to choose from the three characters, and play through the same three levels having a special role with specific features and skills. One can move through the past as a worrier, ruler or a wizard, can explore the present as a builder, healer or server, or dare a glimpse into the future as a spirit, machine or an alien.


Game Structure:

The overall game structure follows two basic era of battle; pre-war (Apprentice mode) and post-war (Battle mode). The pre-war mode, assumed to be the apprentice mode, is the era when the gamers discover the game through a grand story telling with a grand target. Then they have to choose among the ‘The Mighty Past’, ‘The Lady Present’ and ‘The Great Future’. Then a sub story is followed with a common character of disorder and chaos in each segment of time setting the target and the general rules to make better of that specific time. The target is to reach a sequential control over each segment of time through the quest and side quests set in each character of that specific time all in relevance to places and activities in Addis Ababa. In the meantime, the player is allowed to play in different time zone to create more interaction and as well to create the platform for ‘inter-time’ battle story that would lead to the battle mode platform. Here the basic constraint would be the limitations in the ESPOTO application.




There are two assumptions in the apprentice mode platform. The first one is; creating an event once a year in a specific place so that the players that attained control over each segment of time (those who accomplished the mission set by the game) could come together and interact in the program held once a year in the annual family reunion which is the Grand Target. Here, the entry time in the game is limited for certain period of time (may be ten months). Here, the assumptions is that the game i.e. the quests are updated each year with the same story but with more exploration of the places and activities in the city and updated quests that would lead to more exploration and marketing strategies.


The second form is creating inter-time battle mode story so that those who accomplished the apprentice mode could enter the battle mode virtually that enables people to interact through the social media or physically. The basic constraint for this mode would be the limitation in the ESPOTO application to create the platform of interaction among the different lords of time.


The game will be played within three separate Realms

  1. Battle of The Times [Realm of the Past]
  2. Battle of The Times [Realm of the Present]
  3. Battle of The Times [Realm of the Future]


Players will enter into the game by scanning QR Codes that are presented for each Realm of Time.

The game is divided into three stages with five levels per stage

  1. Pre War Stage
  2. Battle of Times
  3. Judgment Stages


You being the most powerful entity made up of all elements; Out of many, you were chosen by Time and destined by Life to change the course of the battle. You will be given a human form and will be sent to The Final Frontier, The Greatest Battle Ground, to the Cradle of Mankind and land of Origins. So shall the prophesy come true

“Where everything began, there it must end”

Book of Time Chapter 20:09


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