What’s Happening In Lideta! The DWAA Opening

Pictures by Abinet Teshome

EiABC opened the gates to the first event organized by Design week Addis Ababa this afternoon 12:00pm.

The opening event was themed “Addis becoming…” displaying the different architectural multitudes throughout Addis Ababa developed by the faculty and students.

The event exhibited different architectural pieces covering diverse aspects sectioned through  Post millennial architecture, EBE 1, Chair of computer aided design and Geo Informatics, visual urban sociology Architecture for social engagement, Addis Ababa sefers, consultancy and Urban and Regional planning.

Pictures by Abinet Teshome
Picture by Abinet Teshome


In Post millennial architecture in Ethiopia some outstanding structures were shown like the Awash international bank lideta branch, Lideta mercato, Horn of Africa regional environment center and network headquarters ,Yemreha apartments ,Hope university college , Zoma contemporary art center, Red terror martyrs’ memorial museum and Stairs by zeleke belay architects plc.

photograpy_by_abinet_teshome_future_talent_school_2016_day_two-4026 photograpy_by_abinet_teshome_future_talent_school_2016_day_two-3998

EBE 1 addresses emerging building facades , considering their compliance with or resistance towards factors such as climate conditions and structural policy. It Critically explores the potential of using local skills to produce economically feasible structures as Re fract Bamboo rain ,Color comb, Light horn, Leather leaf  and others.

Visual urban sociology Architecture for social engagement exhibited the inception of Shengo, Mini farm, Community centers, Soulful street Market and training centers.

Addis ababa sefers, is an ongoing research under Chair of Architectural and design 1 seeking to document  and learn from the sefers of the city that are in radical transformation and some in danger of disappearing all together as they put it. To name the few, Dejach wube sefer, Armen sefer ,Talian sefer Aroge kera ,Bole bulbula ,Geja sefer and Shiro meda. This section goes through the historical back ground of the regions from the names to their currents states.


The event will continue  through a discussion and cocktail program within another platform which will be taking Place at Awash wine factory Hosted by East Africa Holding In partnership with EiABC 4pm-6pm. And another panel discussion through the theme of Architecture and Art in contemporary in Ethiopian Urban Heritage at Firewold Building from 6:00pm-8:00pm.






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