Ethiopia’s First Agribusiness Incubator blueMoon Invites You to Apply


blueMoon is a new and exciting initiative to discover, incubate, and invest seed funds into innovative and scalable youth agribusiness startups in Ethiopia. At blueMoon, we believe that, once in a blue moon, exceptional ideas can turn into great businesses that literally change the world.

Our approach is to try our best to discover amazing, out-of-the-box, disruptive, highly innovative, scalable, and potentially transformational ideas from youth interested in Ethiopian agribusiness.    We run a national competition twice a year and accept up to 10 startups into our on-site 4-month program based in Addis Ababa.  Once selected, we take a holistic approach to the support we give to our startups.


During our on-site, Addis Ababa-based, 4-month incubator program, running from February to May 2017, we offer:


  • a place to work alongside other talented entrepreneurs from around the country
  • training on both hard skills (finance, HR, marketing, etc.) as well as soft skills (leadership, ethics, team, etc.)
  • coaching our startup teams to go from a great idea to a value proposition, business plan, operational strategy, and investment pitch
  • links to blueMoon Lions, top agribusiness executives in Ethiopia
  • access to business service providers (web design, legal, admin, IT, etc.)
  • one-to-one mentoring with business professionals (and for 8 months beyond the program) with our international partner, the Mowgli Foundation
  • first seed equity investment on the basis of our unique 1-10-10 model
  • Lions Den, our flagship pitch event at the end of the program
  • further rounds of financing with blueMoon Angels and blueMoon Crowd, our innovative online crowd equity funding platform


Eligibility Criteria:

  • Age 15 to 29 at time of application
  • Founder team of 2 to 3 entrepreneurs
  • At least 2 Ethiopians or of Ethiopian origin
  • All founders residents in Ethiopia
  • Sectors:  Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, Forestry
  • Business Focus:  Product, Process, Service, Technology, Data
  • Any commodity, applied anywhere along the value chain:
    • Inputs, Pre-production, Production, Post-harvest processing, Storage,
    • Quality management, Logistics, Marketing, Industrial processing, Financial technology, Mobile Data

Selection Criteria

Is the business idea innovative?
Is the business idea scalable?
Is the business idea potentially transformational?
Is the business idea commercially viable?

APPLICATIONS ARE ONLINE  –  OPEN NOW THROUGH WEDNESDAY JANUARY 11, 2017 Please visit for program details and the online application.

For any questions regarding the application process,

please contact Heldana Tekeste, blueMoon Incubator Lead at /



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