“Erotalehu”, Eyob Mekonnen Ressurected Through A New Album.


A long while ago as it seems, or to be precise seven years ago, we were taken in trajectory to acquaint with a novel path that seemed to have been a lane less travelled by. In a time and a generation where tunes were collaborated with words endorsing the other side of the world, the biased, the delusional and the alien, Eyob Mekonnen came up with a whole lot different hue. “Ende Kal” album.  It was not just music, it was more of an international language where we all could see ourselves in. it was more of spiritual that it spoke to all, for it was love, peace and respect that it was promoting. The inner beauty of the world. It preached the long lost meaning of our existence. The tunes were calm and there was so much depth to each lyric.

Eyob passed away three years after his album. But his work remains to this moment. Intact. His death was a total tragedy for the world was expecting so much of him. It was known that he was in the process of releasing another album which again everyone was desperately waiting upon. And nothing was left for vain, his label, partners, friends and others took over to make it all happen. Another music of the soul by Eyob Mekonnen to be released the coming Tuesday.

Today, we were able to speak with Eyob Alemayehu, Managing Director of Yisakal Entertainment, to talk about the Eyob Mekonnen’s new album “Erotalehu”.

The album took almost five years now, from the moment Eyob started working on it to the very release date. Yisakal entertainment labeled the new album as well as the first one, Kamuzu, Dagimawi Ali, Mikias on arrangements and Abegaz Kibrework through mastering tunes worked on the album. Throughout the five years they worked hard in order to keep the flow running through the same stream it was first envisioned by. The tracks were kept to the original progress, so his fans could get the sense of his previous work and his musical presence within the album.

We asked if there were any improvements made to make it happen, maybe reforms from the way Eyob envisioned to work on it. Eyob Alemayehu told us there hasn’t been any alteration applied to the tracks and that Eyob was almost done with the album before he passed away so they carried on the rest of the work throughout his way.

Yisakal Entertainment has been working on the album from the start and afterwards his passing in a way to deliver his work in a best given way without any financial profit to be made so that the money from the Album sale could be given to his family.

As a tribute to Eyob Mekonnen and his great work that will live through years again, his friends and partners will be hosting an album release party celebrating the new album soon.

Respect to the not just an artist but an enlightened one we have lost to soon, let us remember him through his tunes he has been working so hard to deliver to us.


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